Podcast Producer / Editor (Ongoing)

I’m launching a new weekly video and audio podcast in October that’s aimed at raising the visibility of women in the business and careers space.

I’m looking for a Podcast Producer / Editor to help with the entire production. By this I mean taking the raw footage from the conversations, editing them as necessary and uploading them to the relevant sites – full responsibilities below.

The important thing to note is that my podcasts will be first recorded live on LinkedIn via StreamYard. From there, I’d like them to be available on iTunes, Spotify and the rest.

I’m looking for someone to manage the ENTIRE production of the podcast, leaving me only responsible for creating amazing podcast content and promoting the episodes.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch.


• Recording and Editing: Manage the technical aspects of recording podcast episodes, ensuring high audio quality. Edit and produce episodes to create polished, professional, and engaging content.
• Sound Design and Music Selection: Enhance podcast episodes with appropriate sound effects, music, and transitions to create an immersive listening experience.
• Post-Production Edit and mix audio: Remove any unwanted background noise, and ensure the final product meets quality standards before publishing.
• Distribution and Promotion: Upload finished episodes to podcast platforms (including YouTube); write engaging episode descriptions; produce quality clips for social media promotion; designing attention-grabbing thumbnails and social content


• Skilled in the relevant audio recording and editing software
• Knowledge of podcast distribution platforms (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Spotify)
• Familiarity with StreamYard (or ability to learn quickly)
• Able to work independently and meet deadlines
• Prior experience with audio, video or podcast production

How to apply


1) The phrase “I love podcasting” at the top of your response/message
2) Your favourite podcast and why you love it
3) 2-3 links to your best piece of podcast editing work
4) Anything else I should know about you and why you’d like to take on this project



I love podcasting

sounds like there could be a fit here, I’ve done an editing podcast and mixing mastering music that worked in all audio platform standards. I know it can be challenging to learn how to learn the DAW, editing, mixing and mastering. Most of my clients tell me they just upload their podcasts without editing or sometimes they look into youtube tutorials and found that they must use a paid plugin or DAW, so let me handle it.

If you ask my favorite podcast is Endgame by Gita Wirjawan. He was a Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, and all of his podcast it’s really insightful and inspiring.

I attached a link of my previous work in podcast editing and also my portfolio. If you feel fit, shot me a message and let’s organize a time to meet today. I’m looking forward.
– Gema

My Podcast Editing :

My portfolio:

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