Podcast Booking Manager

We’re looking for a superstar (preferably woman) to manage podcast bookings for our clients.

If you’re precise, know how to manage a project and can write perfect english professional emails this is for you.

We are a podcast booking agency, that means our clients come to us to get booked on podcasts.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to work with the client profile and strategy designed for them to

1. Find relevant podcasts
2. Source their contact information using our tools and processes
3. Manage the schedule and book the intro call/podcast according to the client schedule
4. Complete reports and communications.

You will be given 1 client to start with and more as you prove yourself. Include the words “Voice Velocity” in your application to prove you’ve read the whole text.

Your compensation will grow as you get more clients we’ll be looking to move you into a full time position in the company.

In your application please include
– why you’d be a good fit for this position
– any prior similar experience
– salary expectations

Looking forward to meeting you.



Voice Velocity

Hi there,

From your job post, I deduce that you are looking for someone to find podcasts that fits your clients profile, contact them and schedule intro calls to get your clients invited as podcast guests.

I can do this for you with minimal supervision as I have done something similar. As an appointment setter and closer, I have performed outbound outreaches which involved researching potential prospects, contacting them via emails, LinkedIn and Instagram, pitching offers, booking calls and closing deals. I also kept a record of conversations and meetings booked on Google sheet and Close CRM.

I am a detail oriented person who will study your clients profile and find out podcasts that match them. I also write good and professional emails.

For salary expectations, I would prefer a base pay plus commissions on every successful meeting booked and podcast appeared on.

Please contact me at [email protected] let’s discuss your job more and possibly work together. Thank you.

Abigail Daniel


“Voice Velocity”

Hi, for this position you need a VA with a strong background in Business development and corporate skills. Lucky you because I can handle this and more.

I can solve your communication management needs by offering my services as a skilled VA with a strong background in Corporate and business development.

As a part of your team, I will efficiently handle email, Slack, and WhatsApp communication channels. Moreover, I will excel in booking guests for your podcasts using our specialized matching system while ensuring seamless coordination between hosts and guests.

Let’s elevate your podcast’s outreach and engagement together! I would love to get together and discuss your project and what is important to you.

Are you free for a call now?
Regards, Judith.

Please reach me at
[email protected]


I have worked in various roles that requires excellent customer relationship management that is needed to add value to the position in question.
My experience as a business development manager will help exceeding the customers expectation. It will also firmly push growth for the organization.
I will be awaiting your call to serve in the capacity

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