Photoshop Expert Remote Full Time

We are a fully remote company based in Italy counting almost 20 employees.

Our warehouse is in Italy and completely managed by a logistic center, we do not drop ship, we run an inventory based model. The majority of our orders are not paid online but on delivery(currently 94% of orders are COD), this is our main focus and edge over competition.

Our goal is to become the largest COD e-commerce in the world. And to make the purchase of any product accessible to everyone, with any payment method, especially with cash on delivery. All this while providing a wide catalog of products, excellent customer service and fast shippings

Jobs Goal/Mission:

Your eventual goal will be to keep our CPC’s as low as possible and “saving” products that without fresh content would not be able to be sold profitably.
All this by delivering amazing image creatives.

The Job:

Your Job will consist in creating image creatives for all the products that we will assign you.
Image creatives will be created following our general rules, but what to do exactly, in most cases will be completely up to you.
You will always need to choose the most appealing images and put them together in order to create an appealing image AD that sells.

Working Hours:

Working hours will be completely flexible and up to you. We will have daily and weekly work based deadlines, but you will decide when and where to work.


We do require a minimum of 40 hours per week availability, which results in a minimum monthly salary of around 510 USD(3USD/H), but if you want to work more, let’s say 250 hours per month, your salary will be around 750 USD, so it also depends on you.



I believe my technical experience, specifically in the graphic design space from my current education program as visual arts student studying animation and game design, and my previous jobs make me the best match for this position.
other than working as a computer technician, throughout the pandemic I was responsible for designing social media content, and maintaining and updating our company’s e-commerce website.
which required brand-themed designs that are continuously updated, posting information regarding upcoming products and events all done in the shortest time possible.
I truly enjoyed what I was doing, which drew me to this position with your company.
I would love to bring the designing, problem-solving, time managing, and content-creating skills I learned there to this position and exceed even more.


Hi Robin, I’d like to express my interest in this position. I am a highly motivated and progress-focused professional with a long-standing background in this industry. I have studied advertising and worked in the advertising industry, where I was able to harness my photo editing and graphic designing skills to generate sales. Thank you for reading my application. I look forward to working with you.

Mary Jane

Hi Robin,

I am very much interested in this job post. I am well verse in photo and video editing. I also handles marketing and social media management for e-commerce industry, rental propert.

We can discuss about this.

Thank you.


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