Packaging Design for Microgreens Business


We are a thriving microgreens business specializing in the cultivation and sale of living microgreens to restaurants. While our products are of the highest quality, our current packaging lacks the visual appeal and branding that we believe could elevate our business. We are seeking a creative and cost-effective packaging design that not only showcases our premium microgreens but also establishes a unique brand identity for our company.

Key Points:

Design Concept: Develop a packaging concept that enhances the visual appeal of our living microgreens while ensuring practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Branding Elements: Integrate branding elements that reflect the essence of our business. This may include a logo, color scheme, or other distinctive features.

Skills and Qualifications:

Proven experience in packaging design, preferably for food products or living plants.
Creativity and the ability to convey the essence of a brand through packaging.
Knowledge of cost-effective materials and printing processes suitable for a microgreens business.

If you are a talented packaging designer with a knack for creating visually appealing designs, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your portfolio showcasing relevant work, along with a brief proposal outlining your approach to this project.

We look forward to working with a creative professional who can help us enhance our microgreens’ presentation and bring our brand to life through innovative packaging.



Dear Andrew,

Your microgreens deserve packaging that screams freshness and pops on restaurant shelves. As a creative packaging ninja, I’m itching to design eco-friendly options that wow chefs and boost sales.

Think eye-catching visuals, subtle branding whispers, and cost-effective magic (recyclables, biodegradables, we can talk!). My portfolio (attached) whispers tales of success for food and plant-based packaging.

Let’s collaborate on a design that makes your microgreens the talk of the town!
Let’s collaborate on a design that makes your microgreens the talk of the town!

email: [email protected]


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