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!!!Potential for longer-term role/employment for exemplary services!!!

We are seeking a highly motivated and organised individual to join our team as a Talent Recruiter for our OnlyFans Management Agency. In this role, you will be responsible for finding and contacting potential models on various forms of social media and encouraging them to apply to our agency.

Our Aim With This Role:
We are aiming to contact hundreds of current OnlyFans creators who may not have large revenue producing accounts or followings. Our agency provides these models with a dedicated management and marketing team to help them achieve their income goals and take the stress out of running their business. We only accept models that we believe we can effectively partner with and therefore all prospective talent is required to go through a due diligence process. Your role will be to direct as many models as possible towards our website and application page in order to apply to our agency. At this stage we are looking to recruit an additional 10-15 models for our agency. If we are impressed with the speed and quality of your work and your level of dedication we would be interested in exploring further employment opportunities with you.

Key Responsibilities:

Search for and identify potential models on social media using various methods such as hashtags, locations, and model agency follow lists as well as only fans directories and contact lists.

• Direct message potential models with a professional and enticing message, explaining the benefits of joining our agency and how to apply.

• Keep track of all contacts and interactions with potential models in a database or spreadsheet
Follow up with potential models as needed to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

• Assist with the model application process as needed, including reviewing applications and scheduling interviews


• Strong social media skills, particularly on Instagram and twitter.
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Highly organized and detail-oriented
• Familiarity with the modeling industry and what makes a successful model
• Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

This is a remote position with flexible hours. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and has a strong desire to succeed in this role. If you are excited about the opportunity to help grow our agency, we encourage you to apply.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


noemi doncillo


I’ve been twitter assistant and a chatter for almost 10 months. I am industrious, hard-working, an excellent team worker and collaborator, and I can easily prioritise tasks to ensure my employer’s goals are always achieved. I have experience working on time-sensitive projects, dealing with difficult challenges, and communicating with customers and clients.
For example, in my last position, I helped the company increase sales by recommending we should advertise frequently our models on social media. If you hire me, I will be the type of person who always goes above and beyond what is expected, and I will willingly carry out duties outside of my job description.

Whatsapp +639452110886
[email protected]
TG @Noems11

Thank you,


If you’re looking for an onlyfans talent recruiter to help you build your online presence, I’m your gal!

As a social media manager with years of experience, I am confident that I can provide you with the results you are looking for. I understand the importance of generating engagement, creating meaningful connections, and increasing visibility on social media platforms and I am committed to making sure that your goals are met.

I am organized and results-oriented, and I will work hard to ensure that all of your social media campaigns are successful.

My dedication and expertise will help you achieve the results you want, and I am confident that I can provide you with the high-quality services you need.

Hire me! Let’s bootstrap your Organization into A Game

Kael Del Rosario

My name is Kael from the Philippines. I hope you are doing great! I would like to help you out with your business as your Freelancer/Virtual Assistant. I am a seasoned Freelancer/Virtual Assistant for 8 years. 

Here is a link for my Online Resume: 
Here is a link for my Online Portfolio:


Hi George,

Driven Virtual Assistant, specializing in blog & website content writing, copywriting, and social media maintenance. Many years of excellent customer service, utilizing exceptional skills in leadership, collaboration, multitasking, and creative problem-solving.

• Manage calendar agendas and scheduled appointments, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation
• Organize and maintain invoices & expense reporting, e-mails, social media maintenance, and other digital records
• Generate new leads via phone and e-mail using CRM software

Work well in individualized tasks, as well as within group settings.

Any questions, please contact me!


Hello George,

Banana’ don’t drown in water. Fun fact. I see you are looking to hire an Only fan CHATTER, look no further. I have a three year experience working a as a V/A in different niches i.e. Sales, customer support, also an experienced writer/ghost writer. I have worked as a chatter for about 6months and thus not relatively new. I believe I can hone my skills to fit your requirements.

I am a team player, always ready to learn, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you

Email: [email protected]

Hi. I am Febwaren Concepcion. You can just call me, Feb. I’ve been working online or at home for 4 years now. I am the best candidate for the position because I work with integrity and willing to walk the extra mile for the task to be completed. I make sure to always do my best in the given task so that I could produce the best result for the company or the person that I am working with. I have the proper experience for the job and if there are any tasks that are given to me, that I do not know, I always take initiative to learn the proper skills for the job. I am really interested to be part of your growing company. Hard-working and highly driven aspiring virtual assistant with 2 years of experience as a Technical Support Representative, seeking a full-time position as VA where I can lend my knowledge and skills for the benefit of the company. With proven Customer Service skills and the flexibility to multitask. I am an extremely organized, responsible, and detail-oriented person, which means I follow instructions well and I can handle the work properly. Thanks a lot.

For reference, I also attached the link to my resume:


Hi George!
I am excited about the intersectionality of your management agency, and would love to talk further on using my recruitment expertise to your benefit.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via Workopa or at [email protected].

Looking forward to engaging in this exciting opportunity!

Julie Ann

This is Anne , I am excited to join your team and work with your agency. I would like to apply for the Only Fans Chatter position. Today is the 4th of January 2023. Thank you.

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