OnlyFans Model Manager Assistant

We are looking for a rockstar model manager & marketing assistant for our 0F agency. We need someone with a lot of experience in the 0F industry. Wether thats being a chatter, doing marketing, etc

You also need FLUENT english and you will be communicating with our models on a daily basis

Your tasks will include:

TikTok research/guidance with the models
Instagram outreach for new models
Making feed posts for our models
Uploading model content to vault, following up with models for new content/customs
Managing/optimizing OF accounts
Posting on twitter + IG reels accounts for our models
Monthly model reports

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a rapidly growing Onlyfans agency. We are currently doing $100k p/m in revenue but are going to scale to $1m p/m! – We are looking for someone to not only meet, but EXEED our expectations for the above tasks. If you do so you will be given a profit split on top of your salary so you have the opportunity to make truly life changing money as we scale the agency… ONLY if you exceed our expectations. We only want the BEST OF THE BEST on the team so if you are not 100% dedicate, smart, and hard working, don’t waste your time because you will be fired soon after if you even get hired somehow.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your application!



I’m Mimi from Macedonia, 3 years experience in the industry, my role was chatter, manager, trainer etc..

Angel Nicole

I see you need someone that can do all of the duties that are listed above. I believe that I have all the skills that are needed for the job. I assure you that I got what you needed. I will make sure to give you a best performance I can do as your Virtual Assistant.

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