OnlyFans Marketing Promoter

We are looking for an OnlyFans promoter to help us attract new fans to our account. As a promoter, your main responsibility will be to use your creativity and marketing skills to increase the number of subscribers to our OnlyFans account.


Develop and execute a marketing plan to attract new subscribers to our OnlyFans account. Use social media platforms, messaging apps, and other online communities to promote our OnlyFans account and drive traffic to our page.Post our OnlyFans link on relevant websites and forums to attract new fans.Build relationships with potential subscribers by engaging with them on social media and other online platforms.Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of different marketing strategies and adjust tactics as needed to optimize results.Track the number of subscribers you bring to our account and earn $1 per new subscription.


Proven experience in marketing, advertising, or social media management.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.Strong knowledge of social media platforms and online marketing strategies.Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.Familiarity with OnlyFans and the adult entertainment industry is a plus.


This is a commission-based position, with a payout of $1 per new subscriber that signs up to our OnlyFans account.There is no cap on how much you can earn, as your compensation is directly tied to your ability to attract new subscribers.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for the position, please send us your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your experience and qualifications.


Rhoda Theresa


I’ve been an OnlyFans chatter for more than three years, and I’ve gained extensive experience navigating the platform. During my time as a chatter, I’ve honed my skills and developed a proven template for establishing rapport, ultimately leading to successful sales and encouraging subscribers to return for more. I am dedicated and hard-working. I am confident that I can bring valuable contributions to the team.

I am also available to work immediately if needed. Thank you!
You can reach out to me through my email, [email protected]
Whatsapp: 09096674678

noemi doncillo


I’ve been twitter assistant and a chatter for almost 10 months. I am industrious, hard-working, an excellent team worker and collaborator, and I can easily prioritise tasks to ensure my employer’s goals are always achieved. I have experience working on time-sensitive projects, dealing with difficult challenges, and communicating with customers and clients.
For example, in my last position, I helped the company increase sales by recommending we should advertise frequently our models on social media. If you hire me, I will be the type of person who always goes above and beyond what is expected, and I will willingly carry out duties outside of my job description.

Whatsapp +639452110886
[email protected]
TG @Noems11

Thank you,


Hi! I am a female with no official experience as an OnlyFans chatter. However, I have personal experiences in chatting with men with a monetary reward in mind. I am confident that a job as an OnlyFans chatter is a good fit for me. I can work full-time and I know what strangers on the platform want to hear from the creators. I am confident that I can drive up sales with my wit and sensuality. I am highly engaging and proficient in English. I also have experience in social media management and sales which will be useful in managing OnlyFans accounts. Thank you and I hope to be considered for this position.


Hi! Good day! I am Flexi. 
I spent considerable time carefully reading your job description and learned that you require an assistant to help you with some of the tasks listed there. I would like to apply for that position because I have all the necessary qualifications. I am purely suitable for this role because of the experience, qualities, knowledge, and relevant skills that I have gained in order to meet the requirements of the job description. In particular, my ability to work to tight deadlines, manage my time, multitask, and use my customer service skills effectively makes me a good fit for the role.

I take pride in completing tasks on time and accurately because I’m a professional with a keen eye for detail and good organizational skills. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

I am a self-starter with a fully functional home office. Therefore, I’m prepared to start working as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and time.

Whatsapp → +639454654664
Email → [email protected]
Resume →

Jean Laudiana

Hello. I wish to apply in your company.I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge. I’m passionate about my work and I know how to get the job done. I would describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn’t believe in misleading other people and tries fair in everything I do. I will attached my TELEGRAM incase you want to know more about me.
TG: Jean Laudiana


I have experience working for another Onlyfans agency before. I was a marketer and had one model to market for. This job is a bit different but I am a hard-working and disciplined guy that is willing to learn and do the best work possible for your agency.
Contact me on [email protected]

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