OnlyFans Chatter Virtual Assistant Needed (Remote Job)

We are an OnlyFans Management Agency seeking a full-time OnlyFans Chatter Virtual Assistant to handle interactions and messages with subscribers for one of our OnlyFans Models.

– Messaging subscribers as if you were the OnlyFans model.
– Building genuine rapport and relationships with subscribers on the OnlyFans platform to cultivate a loyal and high-spending fanbase.
– Handling multiple conversations with subscribers at once to maximize efficiency.
– Upselling the provided content to fans in progressive sexting conversations.
– Updating a spreadsheet to track information about subscribers, such as spending habits and any helpful information to reference when messaging with subscribers.

– Must be fluent in English and have strong communication skills.
– Ability to build rapport and relationships with subscribers.
– Have strong written/digital communication skills and ability to send quick responses.
– Must be comfortable sexting/having sexual conversations with men online.
– Strong time management and organizational skills to handle multiple conversations at the same time efficiently and effectively.
– Must have a reliable internet connection and a computer/laptop.
– Available to work this position full-time (40 hours per week).

– Flexible work schedule–it does not matter when you do the work. As long as your tasks are completed and you fulfill the customers’ needs, we are happy.
– This job is completely remote–you are free to work this job from anywhere you want, as long as you have access to a reliable internet connection.

– $5.00 / hour

We’re eager to connect with potential candidates and discuss this opportunity. Let us know if you are interested in this position and where we can contact you!



Dear Hiring Team,

I’m applying for the OnlyFans Chatter position, bringing four months of experience in engaging conversations on dating apps with a focus on adult content. Excited to contribute my communication skills to enhance the platform’s community.

Email – [email protected]
Telegram – @cn1428


I have a one year and five months experience in working as an adult fantasy chat moderator. Selling credits using only text messages is my forte. You can imagine what more I can do if I am going to offer pictures to our customers.

email: [email protected]


Hey there, future dream team! Ready to meet the chat maestro and content virtuoso? Look no further – that’s me! I’m not just any OnlyFans chatter; I’m the one who dives headfirst into the role, embodying the essence of the model to create an unforgettable experience for subscribers.

I’m here to become a character, a fantasy, a living, breathing part of the experience.

But it doesn’t stop there! Financial support? Oh, I’ve mastered the art of making subscribers feel like they’ve hit the jackpot when they get a special treat from their favorite model. Boundaries? I navigate them with finesse, making sure everyone feels respected and comfortable.

Harassment? Never in my playbook! I’m all about building a positive, welcoming community that keeps subscribers coming back for more. Being an OnlyFans chatter isn’t just a job; it’s a performance, and I’m here to steal the show!

So, if you’re looking for someone to not just chat but to embody the essence of your model, engage with subscribers like a pro, and turn every interaction into a blockbuster experience, I’m your star in the making! 🌟💬

Contact me at:
email: [email protected]
whatsapp: +50379146915


I have been a chatter for 2 years now and I handled several models already. They are bisexuals, transgender, girl and BBC. Their status are between 1%-0% on OF.

On the other hand, I’m also a Social Manager where I handle business social media accounts.

My tasks were as a chatter are following:

Posting on their wall
Mass Message
Organizing vault
Organizing lists
Sell and Upsell
And take care of fans

I have a reliable equipment that will help me do good on this job.

I’ll attach my resume, sample chat and result here for your reference.

Thank you !


I am very funny and erudite person so I know how to handle and keep the conversation so my companion will feel himself very comfortable and entertained

Beatrice Paula

Hello, this is Beatrice. I would like to apply for the chatter position. I have 1 and a half year of experience as an OnlyFans chatter, I’ve been with 2 different agencies and 1 direct model as a client. I’ve managed to handle High profile models with 106k fans with a 20% commission, handling multiple accounts like 8 accounts for low profiles and 1 direct amateur model. My average sales reach about $1600 a day depending on what model I’ll be handling, my best sales were $6000 in one shift for 16 hours. As a chatter, my tasks were simple. I am responsible for interacting with fans, posting photos on their feed, promoting OF via Tiktok, Reddit, Pornsites, and Twitter, and posting PPV content whether it is in a feed or a mass message. For my strategies, I have experience with an agency that works with a free hand, girlfriend experience, and femdom. I have also handled trans models, milf, ebony, and many more. I’m hoping for your consideration.

Here’s my email for further information,
[email protected]



I have 2 years of experience working in the webcam model industry, I have all the necessary skills to arrange the users and make a real and true connection with models. If you want to talk about all my experience and my CV please e-mail me

[email protected]


Hii, it’s a pleasure.

I am interested in the job, I have 2 years of experience as an onlyfans chatter. My specialty is organic chats, making subscribers fall in love with the model and making them frequent spenders. All this includes, multiple chats, welcoming each new subscriber, adding notes of each relevant information of each subscriber, complete account management. I have also worked in the future model brand as a “content manager”, supervising the content recorded by the models, discard what is not salable, accept what is, and give feedback for improvements.

Gmail: [email protected]


Telegram: @Nate3020


Skilled in social media and business development.
Please reach out so we can arrange a meeting.
Can work 40h+/week.


Hi Eric,

I saw your post and went through the job post. I have experience working as an OF/Adult Chatter. I help the model engage with their fans by chatting with their subscribers, I also send welcome DM’s, PPV sales chats, custom photos and videos, sexting, etc. I am excellent at building rapport and developing relationships with potential clients. I have a proven track record of success making sales in my previous job. I know it can be a rocky road to find the right applicant who has the skills you need, who is actually motivated to work closely with you, and whom you can trust to get the job done right the first time. I’m not like most others who take on as many clients as they can, then run off and disappear for weeks at a time. So if you’re looking for a motivated, safe set of hands to take the weight of this job off your shoulders and work with you, then let’s have a chat!. Here’s also my other contact to reach out to.

Gmail : [email protected]
Whatsapp : +639917635882

Best Regards,
Kent Nalog


Hey Eric, your name has this certain charm. The last Eric I dated was tall, muscular, and had this captivating charm. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 😊 this is a glimpse of what i can do because I have done this role before. My internet is as steadfast as my commitment and I’m available for chats for 10 to 12 hours daily. Reach out to me via my email at [email protected] or on Signal with this number +2349028759189.

Elyn Grace

Greetings Eric!

I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to offer a service as an OF Chatter position at your agency. My background in customer service (3 years) and virtual assistance (2 years) has equipped me with the skills necessary to excel in this role.

My customer service experience has taught me the art of communication, problem-solving, and delivering a positive experience to clients. As a virtual assistant, I’ve learned to adapt to various tasks quickly and maintain a strong work ethic.

Though I haven’t worked in adult content before, I’m open to embracing new challenges and comfortable engaging in adult conversations and working 8-12 hours is aggreable.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how my skills and enthusiasm align with the needs of your agency. You can reach me at [email protected] to set up a conversation.

Elyn Grace

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