OnlyFans Chatter Agent

We are a marketing and management agency that manages Onlyfans models.

We are looking to hire EXPERIENCED OF chatter full time.

Your main responsibility will consist of engaging subscribers in 1 on 1 conversations with the aim to build long term relationships to increase revenue through PPV and tips.

We are looking for someone that:

– Understands how Onlyfans works, knows how to identify potential buyers & top fans.
– Will reply to fans daily, have conversation, and upsell content to them.
– Understands how to use “Lists” & “Vault”.
– Make notes on high quality subscribers

You will be required to communicate closely with your manager and send daily reports.

When you apply, please do this:
– Describe your experience working as an Onlyfans chatter.
– Start your message with the word “banana”
– Anything else you want me to know

We are looking for hard-working people willing to work in the long-term with us.

Don’t apply if you have no experience in Onlyfans.

Long term opportunity with salary up to 2000+USD/month.



Hi George!

I am a very experienced OF chatter who possesses the skill and creativity to interact with fans and make sales over them. I am very well versed with the website and have a lot of ways and procedures to make fans “bananas” excited that would convert into sales. I am very hardworking and active for the role and could work more than 40 hours a week and be on call if need be. I used to handle multiple top models in the past and generated around $1300 – $1500 in daily sales collectively. I am very good at written English as well.
My information are as follows:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +639083232190
gmail: [email protected]

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

Hillary Grace

I’m interested to apply as your Chatter as I possessed the qualities from top to bottom. I am fully aware of this platform and responsibilities as a chatter. Also, I have an experience regarding this field and I would love to take this opportunity to apply my knowledge, strategies and skills as I know it will come up successful and effective. I can dedicate 8-10hours daily and wouldn’t be afraid if I need to put more extra miles.
I want to be part of your team because I know that I can perform well in terms of all the given responsibilities. Also, chat/written communication is what I’m good at, knows how to drive a conversation that could lead clients to have an interest to buy the videos/pictures that I am selling to them and definitely knows how to construct words that clients’ wants to hear and for sure they’d feel loved and important. I know that I am suited for this job because I am competitive, a go-getter, self-motivated individual that definitely can work under pressure and I will see to it that I will give my best in any situation.
Moving forward, I am always available to discuss the position further. I am very excited to work with you.

Best Regards,


I have a year of experience working with onlyfans models, I know how is the service of attention to the subs, selling content, availability of 6-8 hours per day 5 days a week (can be discussed) if you are interested my email is: [email protected]

Julius Jayson

banana, I have experience as a chatter on onlyfans, I know how to use lists and vault, I know how to use MM, exclude and include, I make sales on my duty, I’m willing to undergo training if needed, thank you!

Sephora Rakshe


Hey George! I have the right experience and skill set of over 5 years being a customer nurturing specialist. I also know how to operate OnlyFans; I am well aware of it because of social media. Hoping to connect with you.

My email is [email protected]



am an Experience Chat Moderator from various Websites that offers Chat Moderation Services.
from over 4-5 years now I spent working from, NMS and
And so I can claim that I can definitely do the job. Hoping you to consider my application and
looking forward on hearing from you back <3 Thank you. and have a nice day! <3


My name is RUDGEN GOCILA 26yrs of age
I have been in the call center industry for 4yrs and 10 months already.
I’ve been indifferent to campaigns like Health Insurance, Durable Medical Equipment, and Business Loans and was able to work as a Virtual Assistant. Where you need to close deals, set an appointment, and meet the client’s needs.
I have also been a Team supervisor for 2 years by God’s grace He gives me wisdom and knowledge to handle my team most especially in motivating agents to do better from time to time

You can contact with me via email: [email protected]

Kindly see attached file below.

Best regards,

Rudgen Gocila


Hello, I see you need a Virtual Assistant; I have six years of BPO industry, highly skilled in typing and multi-tasking since that is one of the qualifications for the BPO industry, to be honest, this is my first time here in Upwork, I would like to explore more things in life, especially in this industry, I’ve gained so much experience for the past six years in the BPO industry I would like to try something new and learn more about freelance.

Work experience: Content moderators for META, support companies’ online presence by screening user-generated content (UGC) including text, images, video, audio and content meta data.


I do have an experience in onlyfans, i sell and hit quota everyday

Mike Lyndon

Banana! Hello George my name is Mike I am a fast learner, have got good grasping skills, and I am really motivated. I am hard-working and punctual and will not at all take too much time to learn something new and implement it. I am also trained to meet deadlines due to my past internship and I think I have the relevant skills and knowledge for the job. I have worked as a customer service and sales representative for almost 3 years which is similar to the role I’ll be applying to and I also have an experience managing Onlyfans accounts. If you need proof I can show you.


banana Hey George,

My name is Moesha, and I’m a devoted, driven, and knowledgeable OnlyFans chatter who specializes in explicit stuff. I’ve worked with models who trusted me to assist them with boosting the appearance and making more money. My clients have greatly increased their revenue and developed close bonds with their followers thanks to my regular availability and attention. I am a great team player and is open and willing to learn something new.
It would be great to hear from you.

Sarah May

Hello, my name is Sarah May Rivera and I’m here to apply for a job. My father was an English professor, so English was my first language growing up. I’ve worked for a number of BPO firms and on a variety of accounts, including AT&T, Lenovo, Kaspersky, and I have experience working as an adult chat moderator. I’m currently looking for a job that I can do from home. I am very passionate about everything I do, so I am confident that I will put all of my passion into my work. If you give me the opportunity to work for your company, I will make certain that I am capable and qualified for the position. I am also certain that I will continue to learn, listen, and be open to all comments and suggestions about my job. Thank you very much!

Cheryl Casono

Hi George, I’m Cheryl and I wanna be a part of your OF chatter team.

Joanna P.

Banana! Hello George, my name is Joanna a hard-working, motivated, and experienced OnlyFans and adult content chatter. I have helped multiple models stay connected with their fans, working to build a direct relationship with the fanbase, and ultimately increasing popularity and earnings. Through the consistent availability, and dedication that I offer, my clients have significantly increase their earnings and built one-to-one relationships with their fans. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello, I’m interested applying in your company. I have an experience working on OnlyFans for 1 year handling 1-3 accounts. I’m looking forward to work with you. Thanks!

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