Online Project Management Part-Time


I am looking for someone that can complete the following tasks on a daily basis.
– Monitor emails from my clients
– Take any requests that are asked from the emails and make them a tasks on my project management board and assign them to a developer
– Respond to client emails in a timely manner
– Monitor progress of individual projects and change the status of them when needed based off of completion.
– Request any information the team needs from the client via email.
– Provide the client with any completed work from the developers.

I do not get a lot of emails or request but I want to take the client management off of my plate so that I can focus on development. I am guessing no more than a few hours a week but I want to get to the point where I am totally hands off with the above tasks.

I currently use Notion for tasks management and my emails come through a ticketing support system on my website. I also use Slack for team communication.



I have been working in the field of administration virtually for over 6 years.

I have experience and knowledge in the areas of administration (data entry, email handling, scheduling, etc) project management, digital marketing, web development and design, clientele management, sales and HR.

Not only have I acquired expertise over the years, virtual assistance is something I’m passionate about and I vow to do for as long as I’m able. I would love to hear more about this opportunity.

I am available for full time work and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


Hi Peter,

Hope this position is still available.

I have more than 10 years experience of being a VA. All throughout those years, I have gained a wide array of skill set needed to bring value to your business/company.

Here’s the link to my resume for your reference:

Hello Peter,

I hope you’re having a great New Year so far!

I wanted to reach out because based on your business needs, I understand that you are in need of someone who is eager, flexible and organized and I would love to share my experience and skills to help you become even greater in your field!

My name is Claudia Hamilton and I am a Virtual & Executive Assistant and the Founder of Ivi (sounds like ivy) Notebooks: Virtual & Executive Assistant Services for Realtors + Financial Business Owners with a strong background in:

● Email Management
● Calendar Management
● CRM Software for Lead Generation (I also use Notion and Asana)

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects big and small. I have years of experience as a Virtual + Executive Assistant for a 6-Figure Celebrity Ghostwriter / Author / Journalist of Forbes Magazine from Toronto and I’ve had a wonderful time learning about running a successful business, and seeing the benefits of delegating to optimize your day-to-day tasks. My strengths lie in adapting to new environments and the eagerness to learn new concepts, working under pressure, and solving problems with little to no direction.

My skills include:
● Organization
● Time Management
● Communication
● Research
● Customer Service
● Detail – Oriented
● Creativity
● Empathy

I know the thought of full-time/remote work can be a bit of a challenge, and even a little scary, however, if there’s any chance you think you could benefit from what I have to offer, please feel free to check out my resume to learn more about me:

Looking forward to this next chapter!

Claudia Hamilton

Instagram: @ivinotebooks
Email: [email protected]

Enoch Carlos Baah

Hi Peter,

I am writing to propose my services as a project management assistant for your business. With a strong background in customer service and organization, I believe I have the skills and expertise necessary to help you achieve your goals.

As a highly organized and detail-oriented individual, I am well-suited to manage the daily tasks you have outlined, including monitoring emails from clients, creating tasks on your project management board, responding to client emails, and monitoring progress on individual projects. I am also skilled at requesting information from clients and providing completed work to them in a timely manner.

In addition to my experience and skills, I am also proficient in using Notion, a ticketing support system, and Slack for team communication. I am confident in my ability to effectively manage these tools and ensure that all tasks and communication are handled efficiently and effectively.

I am excited about the opportunity to work as a project management assistant and contribute my skills and experience to your business. Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further and the potential to join your team.

Enoch Baah

Karl justine

I am looking forward to be a big help with your team, hoping that my application will pique your interest. Thank you
Skype ID: karljustines_1
Please check my CV and voice introduction below.

/Email: [email protected] )

Gener Fuentebella

Hi Peter,
I am Gener, you can call me Gene, and I can take the client management tasks off your plate, and have you totally hands-off with the tasks you mentioned. I have been using Slack as one of my communication tools aside from Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Teams. I can easily learn any system or app by myself and use it for tasks. I can communicate with internal teams or departments on any level and also speak with ease with any business client at any time.
I can be assigned admin tasks and management tasks as well from time to time or as often as you want. I will make your work life easier and for you to have more time for yourself and your family and can count on me as your Personal Assistant who can even arrange any vacation or business travel for you or for your family, hassle-free. You can rely on me to operate everything smoothly in the coming months as things progress and you can take your time offs and schedule your vacations without any worry.
Accountability is my first name; reliability is my middle name and loyalty is my last name.


All around VA here – would love the opportunity to get interviewed.

Mir Tahmid

Hi Peter,

With my past experience in client-facing roles, I believe I can bring value to your team. I have all the required skillsets to complete the tasks you mentioned. I am ready to learn new skills as well whenever required. You can check out my resume here:


Hello Peter,

I would love to help you offload these tasks so that you’re freed up. I worked as an administrative assistant for several years before coming home from the office. In this company I also served as a project manager who was responsible for keeping track of projects and assisting the team in various ways.

I am experienced with a variety of email and work flow apps. I learn quickly and serve other wholeheartedly.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to connecting with you.

With Blessings
– Brenna Stanford
[email protected]


Hi Peter,

My name is Rachel, I feel I would be perfect for this position.

I have experience in working as a receptionist/administration assistant for an accounting firm. My responsibilities included typing, transcribing minutes of a meeting from voice to text, making and receiving calls and emails, scheduling meetings as well as other administration tasks.

I feel this experience would help me carry out the tasks required.

Thank you for your consideration.

[email protected]


My name is Juliana Bittencourt, I am an Administrative Coordinator working as a VA. Skilled in Process Optimization and a strong Project Management Professional.

I love to organize! Projects, Workflows, and Ideas!

I believe that an organized and happy work environment makes everything better and success comes from happy and creative minds!


My name is Alexia Inoue.
Who I am: I am very passionate, highly dedicated, organized, attentive and committed, all qualities that lead to me being a fast learner when it comes to any job.
I have experience as a Remote Virtual Administrative Assistant, Secretary and Social Media Manager, and I am a native Spanish speaker with an advanced English level (C2).
Over the past four years, I have been continuously growing as a professional to develop the skills needed to thrive in this position. In my resume, as well as put below on the page, I have taken the time to highlight some of my specific skills that have prepared me to excel as a Remote Virtual Administrative Assistant/Social Media Assistant:
Administration: Calendar Management, Proofreading/Editing, Data Entry, Keeping spreadsheets up to date, Travel Research and Booking, Audio Transcription, Keep the
company’s CRM up to date, etc.
Marketing and Social Media: Posting Social Media Content, Content Creator, Flyer designs, Photo editing, retouches, Customer support, Monitoring Social Media conversations such as messages, comments, new followers, Scheduling Social Media Posts, messages, Set up accounts, copywriting, etc.
Other skills: Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Good Notes. Google Suite: Drive, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Docs. Canva, Prezi. CRM, Mailchimp, Dropbox.


Hi Peter,

I’m Anna, and I would be happy to fulfill this job opportunity.

I believe I have all the skills you desire; I’ve been fluent in English for more than 10 years, have a stable internet connection, and have been working remotely – in several different time zones – for the past year.

I have excellent problem-solving and organizational skills, I’m professional in Notion, and use it on a daily basis, and have a great desire to learn and evolve.

I have been working with several teams before, involving precise time management, task discussions, and information exchange via e-mails and video calls, therefore I have years of expereince in these fields.

If you’re interested in working together, you can find my e-mail address on my profile.

Have an amazing day!



Hello, my name is Jessica Hankins and I am interested in your position. I have a large amount of experience in email communication and client relations. Please reach out to me at [email protected]


Hi Peter, my name is Maddy from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve read the requirements and it fits with my roles in the past 12 years.

My last role in HR Operations allow me to create, manage, and deliver results for various HR projects (hiring, 1-on-1 staff discussion, onboarding new HR tools, etc). In another role as an admin, I was involved in building a new university project. My responsibilities include scheduling meetings between teams or vendors, delegating tasks to team members, updating project status accordingly, creating any documents related to purchase (request and budget approval), and keeping eye on the overall budget project.

I’m familiar with Notion and Slack. I used Notion on daily basis for my personal and work tasks. I also use Slack when I’m still working in my last company to coordinate.

Even though I’m in Indonesia, I’m willing to work based on your timezone, as I have worked with several clients at different timezone.

Feel free to reach out at [email protected]. My LinkedIn profile is

I hope I have the opportunity to discuss it further with you. Thank you and have a good day!


Maddy Pertiwi


Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.
My Name is Raden Gunawan and I’m interested. I started to work as Property staff in Real Estate Company in May 1994, and more than 21 years experiences in customer service line of business to support other business such as Hospitality, Hotel, Apartment, Information and Technology Computer, Telecommunication, Medical Tourism, Medical Evacuation (Medivac), and Insurance. Eager to learn new business and product knowledge, Trustworthy, Problem Solver, Open Mind, Committed, think out of box, Cool, Calm, Confident, always keep young and smile.
Currently I have my own project to create You Tube Channel, NFT, Ecommerce and Affiliate Business.

I have knowledge:
• Affiliate Business
• Customer Service
• Digital Marketing
• You Tube
• Google AdSense

My Web creation link:
You can check my Linkedin:

Eunice López

Hi Peter,

My name is Eunice López, and I am looking to apply for the Online Project Management Part-Time position.

The role available is a great mix of my background and experience which includes high attention to detail, creative problem solver, excellent communicator, supporting the executive team with multiple tasks and helping them manage different projects.

In my current role as Executive Admin Assistant, I am in charge of tasks such as email management, respond to client emails in a timely manner, monitor the status of our internal projects, prioritize tasks for our CEO, among other tasks.

More specifically, here are some of the things that I’m most proud of achieving in relation to working as an Executive Assistant:
Achieved a 100% of all assigned tasks including calendar, travel, and email management, translation services in Scribe within 5 months of performance
Recently started handling additional tasks such as content creation, scheduling posts, etc.
Boosted brand recognition by 5% after updating Linkedin business profiles
Led the webinar series: 5 steps in your marketing strategy & growth, with a 2.15% conversion rate and 35% engagement rate

I am very familiar with Slack, Notion, Google Mail, Docs, Sheets, MS Office, Salesforce, Hubspot, Click Up, Asana, Trello and some additional technical tools.

I would love the opportunity to chat with you further about this role and how I can be an asset to you, your team and your company. Feel free to reach me out at [email protected] and check my Linkedin profile at


Hi Peter,

Greetings of the day.
I believe I am an excellent fit for your requirement considering I have experience working for a Web Dev company managing clients, taking in their requirements, conveying the same to the developers, tracking progress of the project and getting consent/approval from the clients.
I worked in this Client Management role in the year 2019 before covid. Post which, I worked on a remote role as an Admin Assistant. One of the primary task in this role was monitoring the business mailbox and taking appropriate actions.
Since, my last 3 years work experience out of 8+ years of total work experience seems to align perfectly with your requirements; I trust that I am well fit to take up the mantle.

Awaiting your response.
Thank you.


Good day Peter,
I have been working in the virtual business industry since 2019 and I’m highly qualified for this job and I am interested in working with you! I cannot wait to know more about the job and its duties! Please do not hesitate to contact me via my email: [email protected]
here’s a link to my CV:
A little bit about me:
My name is Rowan, I am 24 years old and I am a passionately driven individual that finds purpose in my work life, hence why I like to work with a big smile on my face. I am interested in being challenged to exceed my potential and appreciate getting constructive criticism as I enjoy learning from my mistakes and can not miss a chance to learn something new and become a better version of myself.
I am looking forward to working together.
Best regards,
Rowan Hassan.

Hi, I’m Esther Hernandez…
A Virtual Administrative Assistant, currently with 4 years of professional experience in Virtual, Remote Assistance.
After reading the job posting, I knew I had the skills and qualities to be the person you needed to fill the position. As a candidate with experience in the associated responsibilities, I believe I would be of great assistance and would exceed the expectations listed in the job description.

In my experience as a Virtual Administrative Assistant, I developed my “basic” accounting skills, organization of files and documents, capacity for autonomy, and several other skills. In addition to that, I stood out for being responsible and efficient. My goal is to apply all these skills to the requested position, while I continue learning to stay up to date with the latest developments in the Virtual Administrative Assistance sector.

After reviewing my profile and resume, I hope you will be able to assess my qualities and potential as a candidate for this position. I will be happy to delve into how my professional skills and experiences can be beneficial to your service.

Feel free to contact me by phone at +(506)-6196-7492 or email at [email protected] to schedule an in-person meeting.
Thank you for your time and your consideration.

I’m here to help you.!
Esther Hernandez A…

Duane Tristan

Hi! I am very much interested in this. With my 5 years experience in this field, I believe this is the best platform for me to showcase my skills and the service I could offer.

Please feel free to contact me on my email [email protected]

Thank You!


Hello Peter,

A little background about me: I am currently residing in Manila, Philippines but I used to live in Los Angeles, CA for over 22 years where I studied from elementary until college. In 2005 I moved back to Manila to start an Internet Cafe business which I managed for 4 years. At the end of 2009 I closed my Internet Cafe business to focus working exclusively on online jobs.

Some of my advantages are: I grew up in the United States. I am fluent in English; both speaking and writing. I also have excellent English comprehension. I have over 16 years experience working directly for various online employers from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia where I performed various administrative and virtual assistant tasks, SEO, customer service, project management, and other duties assigned to me.

I work with integrity. I am conscientious, results-driven, resourceful, a natural problem solver who loves to take initiative and take ownership of my work. I always strive to go above and beyond expectations and do whatever it takes to get things done.

I am motivated to stay with the company for a long time. I can commit to part-time work and can even work weekends and holidays if needed.

“I highly recommend Manuel. I used him on two different occasions for two different projects over a period of six months and he did a great job. He had unique ideas and pushed us reports in a proactive manner. He’s definitely a self-starter and requires little or no supervision. He is also highly skilled in communication —- both on the phone and email. So I highly recommend him.” (Michael, Co-Founder,

“Manuel is just an excellent person all the way around. He’s capable, imaginative and relentlessly hardworking.” (Jaeson, Creative Director, NMG Lead Attraction & Generation)

I am really excited about this opportunity and I am available to start immediately. I look forward to your reply and hopefully working with you soon.

Manuel Serrano
[email protected]


Hi Peter,
I would be happy to assist you with these tasks. I have over 13 years of experience with client relations. Please email me at [email protected]
Thank you.


Hello Peter,

I am Swedish/American currently based in Switzerland. I have plenty of experience in client relations and have daily digital routines (as I am studying) in which I could easily add the tasks you seek help with. During my free time I am teaching snowboarding and skiing and my last full-time job was in management.
I just added my profile to this website as I am looking for VA jobs.
I am in the process of adding more information to my profile but am happy to send you more information about myself directly if you are interested.

Best regards,

Sophie Whitmore

Sephora Rakshe

Hey Peter! I have the right experience and skill set of over 5 years in this position. Hoping to connect with you. My email is [email protected]


Hello Peter!

I’m Auvy. I am very interested on this job.
I am a Software Developer for more almost 10 years now and currently looking for a part time job. I have took on client facing and management tasks, as well as development from requirements gathering until maintenance. I believe that I am a great fit for this role. I am very well versed with Software Development, so I can apply this knowledge to help you out for your client management tasks without losing any technical terms in translation. I have no experience on using Notion yet, but I have used Trello, Redmine, JIRA, and etc. for Task management, so it won’t be difficult to learn.
Also, I am a fast learner and very hardworking. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and best regards,


I am interested in the job that you posted.

I am an experience assistant, I am proficient in data entry, research, project management, appointment setting, creating content using canva, sales/marketing techniques, calendar/email management, and office works using office applications (Microsoft/Google). I have an excellent track record of reaching my targets & deadlines. My expertise in written and verbal communication make me a great fit to your task.

Additionally, I am a fast learner, dedicated, diligent, punctual and knowledgeable. I will give utmost best in all duties assigned.
I believe my customer service, communication and problem-solving abilities will also support and drive organizational success.

I can work for more than 40 hrs a week and I can start immediately. Thank you.

Allana Reyes

Hi Peter!

I am interested to apply in your company. I believe that I am fit for what you are looking for and we will be a great team since I am a fast learner and I always make sure to do my tasks effectively.

I want to know more about you and this job. Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss more.

Best Regards,


Dear Peter,

I’m Kate. I’m a highly energetic and hardworking senior student with strong communication skills. To be honest, I was so thrilled to see this opportunity that I created this account for this role. I have a profound interest in working in this field. And I’m eager to enter the workforce with the experiences I gained from working with diverse organizations and clients. I am also familiar with e-commerce and data analysis skills. During my days at the university, I volunteered to work as a coordinator and secretary at the student union where I developed my project management skills. I carried out many successful projects for my coworker. Moreover, I joined the internship program at a well-known Omni-retailer. In my previous position, I was in charge of planning marketing campaigns. I initiated artwork and craft concepts and content for each campaign. I played a support role for my supervisor by answering their emails and checking their day-to-day responsibilities. On top of that, I’m adept in various social media and specific platforms such as Notion, Trello, and Slack. In addition, I have a solid passion for furthering new possibilities with you. I believe my relevant skills and experiences would be a great fit for this position. I would much appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing growth and continuing success.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear more from you!



Hi Peter!
I liked this immediately when I saw the title of the job option, it’s exactly what I’m trying to look for. I’m 100% bilingual in spanish and english, it might be of some help if you’re dealing with hispanic community, I could also be a help by translating some stuff. I would love to learn more about your business, I’m used to reply everything really fast, I’m good with people and with communication, very organized and I already know how to use properly the websites Notion and Slack so you won’t loose anytime with me there. Get back at me if you think we could make a good match, because I thought we could!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Faiza Bangash

Hi Peter,
I just saw this job and i am extremely interested and confident enough to fulfill all your requirements. You will get loyalty and dedication from my side. Give me a chance to prove it.
I am not aware of the software but willing to learn whatever is required to complete my tasks properly.

Kindly give me a chance to prove myself.


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