New Amazon FBA Business Assistant

We’re looking for a jack of all trades when it comes to Ecommerce Assistance. Specialize overall Ecommerce store consultancy and provide effective strategies to restructure our business. Find those gray areas, provide solution, develop a strategy to rank the market.

Amazon, Catch/ Product Lister Optimizer SEO SEM Optimizer / Creative Copywriter/ Facebook Ads/ Google Ads / Supply Chain

Top Rated Freelancer with proven Job Success
Remarkable Feedback and Proven Ratings!
Highly Recommended by clients who only approve high-quality work in agreed deadlines!

STORE OPERATIONS: Will help with our daily store processes. Manage all departments and oversee and resolve store issues.

STAFF HIRING AND TRAINING: Will help finding only the best, talented, efficient, and multi-skilled workers that will complete our team of rockstars.

PRODUCT RESEARCH: A virtual assistan that has in-depth experience and product research, niche, and market research. Use to store data, google trends, analytics, search volume, social media, recent events, holidays, and my favorite EMOTIONS.

PRODUCT LISTINGS AND SEO OPTIMIZATIONS: Creat ingredients to a tempting product page that will not only entice impulse buys but will drive the ” I NEED IT!” reasons.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Provide with our approved do’s and dont’s to help the customer support department build a world-class customer experience by making a canned response to customer inquiries using the store policy guide lines.


[email protected]

Dear FBA Max Store,

I am excited to express my interest in the Amazon FBA job opening that I saw on your website. As an avid Amazon shopper, I have always been fascinated by the platform and the way it revolutionized the way we shop.
With over 1 year of experience in Online arbitrage and wholesale, I have gained a deep understanding and I believe these skills will be valuable in helping me succeed in this role.

I have demonstrated my ability to work in a fast-paced environment, manage multiple projects, and meet tight deadlines. I am confident that these skills will translate well into the Amazon FBA job, where I will be responsible for finding profitable products to sell, managing inventory, and ensuring timely delivery to customers.

I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and contribute to the success of the company. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications in further detail.

Freitch Eriel Buhay
[email protected]


Hello Saigon,

I am excited to apply for the Virtual Assistant position with a focus on inbound and outbound phone
calls, sales, customer service, email management, and schedule management. With [number of years] of
experience in administrative and customer service roles, I am confident that I have the skills and
expertise needed to excel in this role.
As a virtual assistant, I understand the importance of a quiet background, especially when handling
inbound and outbound phone calls. I have experience using various phone systems and can confidently
communicate with customers in a professional and friendly manner. In addition, I am a strong closer
with experience in sales, and I am confident in my ability to achieve sales targets and increase revenue.
As a customer service representative, I am adept at handling a wide range of customer inquiries,
complaints, and issues. I am skilled at de-escalating tense situations and finding solutions that leave
customers feeling satisfied and valued. My ability to manage email correspondence effectively is
another strength, and I am committed to ensuring that all messages are responded to promptly and
Finally, I am highly skilled in schedule management, ensuring that appointments, meetings, and
deadlines are properly coordinated and that all parties are informed and prepared. I am organized and
detail-oriented, with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining a high level of
accuracy and efficiency.
Thank you for considering my application for the Virtual Assistant position. I am excited about the
opportunity to bring my skills and experience to your team and help drive success and growth.
Ang’wen Steve
Email: [email protected]

Mary Kim

Hi, hope you are amazing and doing well. Good day! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mary Kim Torrico. I live in the Philippines—25 years of age. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

My experience in my work is
I have one year of experience in administrative tasks from a Canadian company. I am researching, collecting data, organizing emails, Excel, and Google suite, and recording business expenses.

I have one year and two months of experience as a Customer Service/Guest Representative from a UK company. I handle customers, guiding how to check in, solving the customers’ problems, and replying to some inquiries. I am using the Guesty applications like Airbnb, Zoho, and Zoom.

I have three years of experience as an Online English Teacher. I was teaching students from Vietnamese students Kids to Adults. The application we used were Zoom having a class, Zalo to contact the parents/students, and Microsoft Excel to record the class.

I have experience making some logos and Company profiles using canva pro.

Lastly, As an office worker from a Philippines Construction company. I am doing payrolls, simple bookkeeping recording the receipts/expenses, and making billing and bidding papers. Organize some data.

I just read your job posting, and it appears you require a Virtual Assistant to keep you organized and help your business grow. I am the right candidate for this position! Moreover, I adapt to new systems, processes, and tools as required. I possess excellent communication, customer service, and leadership strength. I am confident that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for this position, and I look forward to contributing to your business. Thank you for considering my application.

Feel free to contact me by
My Resume:'s
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +63 968 854 2306 (Philippines)
Skype ID: live:.cid.d1404e3715f014d0

Best Regards,

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