Need help with my blog

Hi! My name is Sara and I run a blog on Instagram. I am looking for help from someone who can help me monetize my platform more. I am not sure if I need a DM or VA but please feel free to apply anyways. Budget is TBD. But I need someone who I can train to find good deals and help me sell items/products in the health and wellness industry.

I look forward to meeting with you!



Hey Sara, my name is Eva a content writer and virtual assistant. I would like to get the chance of running your blog while learning from you. I am flexible, a fast learner and hardworking young lady. Looking forward to hearing from you.
You can reach me via Telegram @Evalynekanyi or Email [email protected]


Hi Sara. I’m Edhel and I’m from the Philippines. I would like to help you in writing your blog and making content. You can send me an email via [email protected]. Let’s talk.


Hi Sara,
Am willing to offer this service for free.
Reach me via email [email protected]

Muhammad Umar

Respected Madam,

I would like to offer my services to help you in growing your blog on Instagram and monetizing your platform.

I am willing to be trained for the said position to be able to find good deals and sourcing unique items within the health and wellness industry to sell as per required.

My schedule is flexible and i am available to start right away.

Please get in touch to discuss further regarding the said opportunity.

Kind regards.
Muhammad Umar
email: [email protected]


Dear Sara,

I look forward to meeting you and working with you on the growth of your blog on Instagram and increasing the chances of a potential monetization of your platform. Based on my experience in E-commerce and Social Media Marketing and Management, I assure that I can help you source unique deals and sell your line of products in the health and wellness sector.

Being a hardworking professional with a capacity to pay attention to details, I am excited to stand to learn from your experience and intellectually commit to the success of your blog. I am fully willing to undergo training and am prepared to assist you in attaining your vision.

I am confident that the strengths and uniqueness that I bring to the table will comply with your needs and objectives. Thus, the prospect of partnering with you to ensure the attainment of your KPIs and general goals is my focus.

With this opportunity at hand, I would gladly continue this conversation with you.
Best regards,
Steven Bright.

[email protected]

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