Music Documentary Writer

I am seeking a passionate Music Documentary Writer for an ongoing assignment. The ideal candidate should have a deep knowledge and passion for music across various genres.

You will be required to throughly research, fact check and write a 1700-2100 word documentary about a particular song, focusing on the themes, message/hidden message, meaning, the song’s story and the artist inspiration in conceiving the song.

The candidate must be able to adhere to strict deadlines and/or notify of any delays.

The successful candidate will be rewarded with on-going work.


– In-dept research into the song. Gather as much information and facts about the song before writing.

– Write accurate and informative content.

– Make the piece engaging and entertaining.

– Fact check.

Things to include in the written piece:

– The themes, message, meaning and story of the song.

– The background and conception on how the song came about, what internal or external factors that inspired the artists to create the song.

– Reference specific lyrics or verse in the song to further explain and reinforce the songs themes, meaning, message and impact. Dissecting the artist’s lyrics and meaning.

– Relate the song to current events in our society and provided examples.

Additionally you can add:

– Musical elements such as melody, rhythm, instrumentation, and production choices. How these elements enhance or reinforce the song’s mood, meaning and emotional impact.

– Vocal performance, such as tone, technique, and expressiveness. How the vocals contribute to the song’s emotional impact and overall message that’s in line with the song and lyrical content.

– The music video, if it adds value to the theme and message of the song.

– Other relevant topics relating to the theme and message of the song, where you deem fits.

– Include trivial or unknown things that many people didn’t know about the creation or background of the song.

To be considered, please send related previous written works and state the code: MDW at the start of your application.



I’m an experienced chatter for OF and also voice over, translator and 7 years journalist. Speak, write and read in 5 languages, lived in several countries including New Zealand, USA, Argentina… I’ve got a book published and lots of content for sites and press.
[email protected]

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