Mobile Game Landing Page Design

Objective: Create a captivating and visually appealing landing page for our upcoming mobile game with AR technology. The landing page should entice users to learn more about the game, generate interest, and encourage them to get on the waitlist before the game’s release.

Target Audience: Mobile gamers, aged 13-45, who enjoy animals and role-playing games.

Key Elements:

Game Logo and Title: will be provided

Hero Banner: Create an eye-catching hero image/banner showcasing a dynamic and thrilling scene from the game. This should immediately capture the user’s attention and convey the excitement of the game. Should also include an iframe of the video game sneak-peak.

Game Overview: Include a brief but compelling overview of the game’s storyline, gameplay features, and unique selling points. Use concise text and visually appealing graphics/icons to highlight key aspects.

Call to Action (CTA): Design a prominent and enticing CTA button that encourages users to download the game. Use action-oriented text like “Join the Adventure” or “Start Playing Now.”

Character/World Introduction: Introduce the game’s main characters or key elements of the game world. Use visually appealing illustrations or graphics to give users a glimpse into the game’s universe.

Social Media Integration: Provide links to the game’s official social media profiles to encourage users to follow for updates and engage with the game’s community.

App Store Badges: Include the official App Store and Google Play badges to make it easy for users to download the game directly.

Footer: Add essential links such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Contact Us. Keep the footer clean and unobtrusive.

Design Guidelines:

Color Palette: Use a color scheme that complements the game’s theme, such as green and bold colors.

Typography: Choose fonts that are legible on mobile devices and align with the game’s atmosphere, be it adventurous, mysterious, or epic.

Mobile-Friendly: Ensure the landing page is optimized for mobile devices, with responsive design elements that adapt to various screen sizes.

Visual Consistency: Maintain a consistent visual style throughout the page to create a seamless user experience.


High-fidelity design mockup of the mobile game landing page.
Individual design assets, including images, icons, and graphics.
Any necessary design specifications or notes for implementation.

Design mockup and assets should be delivered within 5 days from the start of the project.


Feel free to infuse your creative ideas and opinions into the design to make it truly captivating. The goal is to create a landing page that sparks curiosity and excitement among potential players. Once the design is complete, we’ll review and provide feedback for any necessary revisions.

Remember, this project aims to create an engaging experience for users, so your expert design skills will play a crucial role in achieving that goal!


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