Mobile Game Designer

A young startup in the gaming industry is looking for an expert game designer to redesign a unique and successful game.

We build highly realistic, narrative-based games, and we need YOU to help us come up with a new, exciting design for the game, and take it to the next level.

Your work will be an important part of making the game fun to play, tell the story, and create an emotional connection between the players and the game.

Job description:
1. We will provide mockups and wireframes for the game’s screens.
2. You will deliver 2-3 alternatives for design languages.
3. We will review and choose the best design language.
4. You will design the game, screen by screen.
5. We will provide a lot of feedback along the way.
6. You will create a “UI kit” so our developers can build common elements easily.

– Our game is constantly evolving, so we are looking for long-term workers.
– We are looking for perfectionists. We won’t compromise on quality.

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