Looking for a Tech Collaborator to join our team

The ideal candidate will be responsible for providing software development environments for remote developers all over the world.

The best fit would be someone who currently works in IT or software development. Knows programming languages and can code.

Responsibilities:• Maintain a good relationship with the developers and ensure that they are satisfied with the arrangement.

Requirements:• Excellent and real-time communication and negotiation skills.

• Ability to follow instructions and provide all necessary credentials

•2+ years experience working as a software developer or IT specialist



I have rich experience in IT over the 7+ years.
Now I am working for Game developing including web game -bot game.
This includes full stack techs and blockchain techs.


Hey Alex,
I’ve recently finished my final year on computer science university..
I’ve built React Native educational app (expo) for my graduation project with firebase As backend beside Hygraph as headless CMS..
I also have basic knowledge on React and JavaScript.
I’m fast learner and ready to follow instructions.
let’s talk!
Gmail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +201028598925

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