Lead Generation Virtual Assistant - Real Estate (Hourly + Commission)

Title: Lead Generation Virtual Assistant (Real Estate Specialist)

As a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant specializing in real estate, your role is pivotal in driving business growth through targeted lead generation and effective communication strategies. You will leverage your exceptional communication skills, fluency in English, and strong sales abilities to identify potential leads, nurture client relationships, and convert prospects into opportunities within the real estate sector. Additionally, your comfort with making cold calls, follow-up calls, and utilizing SMS systems will be essential for success in this role. This position offers a bi-weekly hourly pay with the opportunity for bonus commission on closed deals, providing a rewarding incentive structure aligned with performance.


1. **Lead Prospecting and Research:**
– Conduct comprehensive research to identify potential leads within specific demographics and geographic regions.
– Utilize various online platforms, databases, and social media channels to gather lead information.
– Implement advanced search techniques to identify motivated sellers, qualified buyers, and other key stakeholders.

2. **Outreach and Engagement:**
– Initiate contact with leads through persuasive email campaigns, phone calls, SMS, and social media outreach.
– Craft personalized messages that resonate with leads and prompt them to take action.
– Maintain regular communication with leads to build rapport and establish trust.

3. **Sales Skills Utilization:**
– Apply strong sales skills to effectively communicate the value proposition of real estate services and listings.
– Address potential objections or concerns to overcome barriers to conversion.
– Guide leads through the sales funnel, providing relevant information and support at each stage of the process.

4. **Cold Calling and Follow-Up:**
– Comfortably make cold calls to potential leads, introducing them to available real estate opportunities and services.
– Conduct follow-up calls to nurture relationships, answer queries, and provide additional information as needed.
– Utilize SMS systems to engage leads, send reminders, and follow up on inquiries.

5. **Database Management:**
– Maintain a detailed database of leads, including contact information, preferences, and interactions.
– Ensure data accuracy and completeness by regularly updating and cleansing the database.
– Segment leads based on various criteria to facilitate targeted marketing and follow-up efforts.

6. **Appointment Setting and Coordination:**
– Schedule appointments, property viewings, and meetings between leads and real estate professionals.
– Follow up with leads to confirm appointments and provide necessary information.
– Coordinate seamlessly with real estate agents to ensure a smooth transition from lead generation to conversion.


– Fluency in English with exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
– Proven experience in sales or customer-facing roles, preferably in the real estate industry.
– Comfortable with cold calling, follow-up calls, and using SMS systems for lead engagement.
– Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build rapport and establish trust with potential clients.
– Proficiency in lead generation tools and CRM software.
– Highly organized with excellent attention to detail.
– Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and prioritize tasks effectively.


– Bi-weekly hourly pay with bonus commission on closed deals, providing a rewarding incentive structure aligned with performance.
– Flexible working hours and remote work options.
– Opportunity for career growth and advancement within the real estate industry.
– Access to training and development resources to enhance sales and communication skills.



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