Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign Expert

We are seeking a highly experienced and successful Kickstarter expert to lead our fundraising campaign for our new ed-tech product. The goal of the campaign is to raise $100,000 to bring our innovative product to market.


1. Develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising campaign on Kickstarter
2. Create a compelling pitch for our ed-tech product
3. Identify and target potential backers
4. Set and achieve a funding goal of $100,000
5. Create and manage social media and marketing strategies for the campaign
6. Communicate with backers and update them on the campaign’s progress
7. Create rewards and perks for backers
8. Manage the fulfillment of rewards for backers


1. Proven success in raising funds on Kickstarter
2. Strong understanding of the Kickstarter platform and its audience
3. Experience in creating and managing successful crowdfunding campaigns
4. Excellent communication and marketing skills
5. Experience in the ed-tech industry is a plus

To apply, please submit your resume and a portfolio of your previous Kickstarter campaigns.

This job is remote and open for freelancers on Workopa

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