Industrial Designers / Product Designers

This is an opportunity to join our rapidly growing remote team.

We build brands within the e-commerce industry focusing on solving problems.

We have quickly become a leader in the various niches that we have entered. Our creative products and marketing strategies have quickly earned us brand recognition, and positioning. and a reputation for being a breath of fresh across industries.

We believe that business needs to be innovative and creative in order to thrive, and we think it’s important to provide an exciting and vibrant place to work. Culture is the driving force of our success and feeds into every aspect of what we do.

Product Research and Development is the driving force for expanding the product catalog for our brands. Determining what products will fit best within each brand while also achieving profit margins is key. Product and keyword research will be used to determine the best products for the brand based on customer search intent. The creation and maintenance of the Product Pipeline is the #1 goal for the Product Development team

This role is both analytical and creative. Data must support your decisions, but creativity is needed to find innovative ways to create new or improve existing product concepts. Intimate knowledge of our customer avatar and the type of brand voice we have is paramount for success.


• Research and validate with data the requirements and needs of the new product within each category.
● To come up with commercially viable development ideas for given products to ensure each product has a solid USP that differentiates us from the competition.
● To work closely with the suppliers and sourcing agents on product development according to price requirements.
● Ensure products move through the workflow according to agreed deadlines.
● Completing product spec and feature details for the content team to give them clear guidance on packaging and listing creation
● Helping with specifications documents for the production team, as well as instruction manuals for the customers where applicable
● Work with freelance designers to create artwork, product designs, and mockups – where required
● Ensure a minimum 30% contribution margin is met for all products ordered.
● Receive and test samples for quality and function.
● Approve inspection reports.
● Approval of pre-production and production samples.
● Writing clear guidelines for each product for the inspection company to test before mass production


● To manage a sourcing and production team to ensure processes are clear and results are met.
● Work with worldwide-based Sourcing Agents to find supplier options to proceed with sampling using the Ignite framework.
● Select products based on quality, spec, price, factory communication, and terms.
● Negotiating prices and terms with suppliers with a win-win mindset.
● Identify testing and labeling requirements and arrange with suppliers.

● The Product Pipeline Calendar is established for the next 18 months and the leadership team can determine when we can ramp up new product manufacturing
● Products are developed that can be patented, trademarked, and copyrighted to protect our brand from copycats
● Product designs and features are significant to the customer and not just added for differentiation purposes
● A clear understanding of capital needs to launch the products in the pipeline is established
● The product sourcing team can use the variety of products in the Pipeline to find the best factories to make multiple products as applicable
● The new products developed are validated and voted on by our customer avatar to ensure a very high chance of success
● Our products meet our customer’s avatar needs and further the awareness of our brand
● New products have some element of IP that can be used to defend against competitors


● A keen understanding of our customer avatar and what products they need/want
● A creative mind for developing product concepts that have a meaningful impact on the customer
● Highly organized and able to track many products in development at once
● Ability to work with many team members on the same project
● Experience in multiple industrial processes, manufacturing, and product engineering.
● Excellent proficiency in English (Both spoken and written). Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi would be a plus.
● Ability to plan and execute strategies independently that align with the organization’s goals and objectives.
● Proficiency in Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion360, Autodesk Inventor, Rhinoceros, KeyShot. (Addition with AI tools experience would be a plus).
● Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw.
● Proficiency in Clickup/Asana, Slack, and Google Workspace is preferred
● Proficiency in Google Apps (Sheets) and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) is required

Please share your resume and portfolio for our review and consideration.

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