Immediate Need: Virtual Assistant

We are in search of a meticulous individual who possesses a keen interest in delving into the intricacies of crafting captivating product listings tailored for popular e-commerce platforms. If you possess a talent for articulating product features effectively, an astute eye for visually appealing content, and a genuine passion for the digital retail landscape, this opportunity may be ideal for you. Our commitment lies in offering comprehensive training and ongoing guidance to facilitate your mastery of e-commerce principles. This role presents the chance to explore diverse content strategies, analyze performance metrics, and witness firsthand the tangible impact of your contributions.


– Craft clear and engaging product descriptions
– Capture or curate high-quality product imagery
– Conduct research to identify optimal keywords for enhanced visibility
– Strategize competitive pricing strategies
– Maintain awareness of evolving e-commerce platform guidelines and industry best practices


– Proficiency in written communication with a knack for compelling storytelling
– Familiarity with basic photo editing techniques (preferred)
– Demonstrated ability to work autonomously and effectively manage time
– A proactive and adaptable mindset, eager to seize opportunities for growth and innovation


Piyush Gupta

I have been working as a VA and Business administrator since 2013 and I am glad to have this journey attached to my life.
I have been the sole VA for my client for 9-10 years and have taken the ride of the ups and downs of business.
I have the opportunity to work on websites, pictures, videos, subscriptions, email management, accounts management, procurement, filing of IFTA, and anything more related to trucks, dealt with property buying and selling and renting out, have had property managers to look over the property after it was all set up.

I would like to share and increase my experience working with you and can assure you of an impeccable job.


Simone Lundie

Good day Jack,

I am a VA with more than 20 years experience and can certainly assist you.

I am available immediately and can work any time zone required.

Henry Christian

Hi Jack! Search no more. You see, I have helped a startup scale its business to almost 4 million up to date since 2022 through e-commerce management. Would love to see how I can help you. Shoot me a message so we can discuss our partnership.

Naa Kwaley

I have worked for an e-commerce business in the USA and have over 5 years experience as an executive virtual assistant


Hi, good day. I’m interested in working with you and being an asset to your team. Looking forward to helping you make the best professional decision.


Hi, I am Dom, and I’m interested in this job. Please check my resume in this link for your reference:

Thank you!

Whatsapp: +639171077565
Telegram: @jackfrat


Hi Jack,
I have worked with another client in this space I think you would find it interesting to have a chat with me. I can be reached via email [email protected].
Audu Abas


E-commerce Product Listing Specialist – Your Ideal Candidate
Dear Jack,
As a virtual assistant specializing in E-commerce Management and Social Media Marketing, I was thrilled to discover your open position for an E-commerce Product Listing Specialist. My background as a CRM VA, coupled with my passion for the digital retail management on various E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix and prestashop, makes me a strong candidate for this exciting opportunity.
What I’ll do:
Create Captivating Listings:
My writing proficiency allows me to craft clear, engaging product descriptions that weave compelling stories around each item. I excel at highlighting features and benefits to resonate with your target audience, driving conversions.

Visual Appeal Expertise:
I have a medium level of experience in creating visually appealing graphics to the table. I can create visual appealing and high-quality product imagery that aligns with your brand. I’m also a quick learner and eager to leverage your training to further hone my skills and ensure our product listings achieve maximum visual impact.

Optimizing for Success:

My understanding of E-commerce principles allows me to conduct thorough keyword research to maximize product visibility and store ranking. Additionally, I’m a keen observer of industry trends and best practices, ensuring our listings remain compliant with evolving platform guidelines.
I’m confident that my skills and enthusiasm align perfectly with your requirements. I’m eager to discuss other custom requests and also provide other information upon request.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards
Steven Bright.


Dear Jack,

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to join your team as someone who excels in creating engaging product listings for e-commerce platforms. With a strong knack for written communication and a passion for digital retail, I’m confident in my ability to drive sales through captivating content and imagery.

Qualifications Highlights:

1. Effective Communication: My background in e-commerce has honed my ability to create clear and compelling product descriptions that resonate with customers.

2. Visual Presentation: I bring expertise to ensure that our product imagery is of the highest quality to enhance the shopping experience.

3. SEO Optimization: Leveraging my experience in keyword research, I’ll optimize listings with strategic keywords to boost visibility and attract more buyers.

4. Adaptability and Innovation:With a proactive mindset, I stay updated on industry trends and platform guidelines to continuously refine our approach and drive results.

I’m eager to bring my skills and enthusiasm to your team and contribute to your organization’s success in crafting captivating product listings.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Best regards

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