Hotel Data Scraping Project

The task involves extracting a comprehensive list of all hotels listed on the Marriott website. Following the initial scraping, the script must then locate the email addresses corresponding to each hotel.

If not possible, the script should then locate the corresponding Facebook page of each hotel, extract the email address provided in the ‘About’ section, and compile a list of these email addresses.

Key Steps:

Web Scraping of Marriott Hotels:

Utilize web scraping technologies to gather data from the Marriott Hotels’ website. The required data includes the name of each hotel along with other identifiable details such as location and contact information.

Identify Facebook Pages:

Develop a script that takes the hotel information scraped from the Marriott website and uses it to find the corresponding Facebook pages for each hotel.

Email Extraction from Facebook Pages:

The script should then be able to scrape the ‘About’ section of each Facebook page to locate the listed email addresses.

Compilation of Email Addresses:

Lastly, the script should compile a list of all the scraped email addresses, organizing them by the corresponding Marriott Hotel. The final output could be a CSV or Excel file, with columns for the hotel’s name, its Facebook page URL, and the extracted email address.



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