Google Analytics Expert Needed for Integration with Our Web Application

Hello, talented analytics professionals!

We are the team behind a dynamic platform that transforms any article, YouTube video, and Tweet into original content, making content creation swift and straightforward. We are currently in search of a Google Analytics Expert who can seamlessly integrate our Google Analytics account into our web application to ensure accurate and insightful data tracking and reporting.

**Key Responsibilities:**

– Integrate Google Analytics with our web application, ensuring accurate data tracking across all user interactions and touchpoints.
– Set up and configure goals, funnels, and events tracking to monitor user behavior and interactions within the application.
– Implement UTM tracking for all our marketing campaigns to analyze the performance and ROI effectively.
– Ensure data accuracy and integrity by filtering out spam and internal IPs while also considering cookie tracking, cross-domain tracking, etc.
– Create custom dashboards and reports to monitor KPIs relevant to our business objectives.
– Provide insights and recommendations for website optimization based on data analysis.
– Troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to data discrepancies or tracking errors.


– Proven experience in integrating Google Analytics with web applications.
– Strong understanding of Google Analytics setup, configuration, and data interpretation.
– Proficiency in Google Tag Manager for implementing tracking codes.
– Experience in creating custom reports and dashboards within Google Analytics.
– Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking.
– Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
– Knowledge in GDPR and other data protection practices and compliance.
– Excellent communication skills to explain data and findings clearly.

**To Apply:**

– Please provide examples of previous Google Analytics integrations you have performed, especially with web applications.
– Share insights or case studies where your data analysis led to notable improvements or optimizations.
– Include the phrase “Data-Driven Decision” at the beginning of your proposal to verify that you have read the entire job post.

We are excited to work with someone who can help us understand our users better and optimize our platform for an enhanced user experience. Looking forward to your applications and working together to make even more user-friendly and data-optimized!

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