General Virtual Assistant (Australia)

I am looking for an experienced virtual assistant to work with an Australia-based music artist entrepreneur on a part-time basis. The job is to provide general admin assistant support for her various projects.

Her profile is based around her professional singing, other arts projects and her conservation work.
If you do a great job for the first 2-3 weeks working on this project, we will hire you on a long term, ongoing, consistent basis.

If you are interested in applying, please provide some details on why you’re qualified for this ongoing job.

*What we are looking for*

• Fluent in written and spoken English.
• Looking for a long-term engagement.
• Happy to work on Singapore time (GMT+8hrs)
• Attitude of over-delivering.
• Ideally with a CREATIVE PASSION and interest in exploring new areas like photography, graphic design, sound editing, video production.
• Ideally experience supporting entrepreneurs.

Overall Tasks:
• Website updates: Squarespace and WIX
• Admin support on various projects
• Proof reading
• Personal email handling – monitoring & managing inbox, drafting replies, maintaining to-do lists
• Potential opportunities for graphic design, sound editing, video production.
• Newsletter creation
• Press release distribution
• Overseeing social media campaigns
• Population of the social media calendar
• Coordination with other team members
• Scheduling of meetings

Do send your proposals if this is something that interests you. Thank you.



Hi Yoni, have you found someone already? If not yet, message me. I will help.



I’m excited about the Data Entry/Customer Support Assistant role, and I bring the perfect mix of skills to elevate your projects.

🌐 Microsoft Office
Proficient in Microsoft Office, project management software, and cloud apps, I’ll easily navigate your projects.

🤝 Seamless Communication
My organizational skills ensure smooth team collaboration and polished communication with clients.

📊 Task Excellence
From data management to property listings, I excel in executing tasks, meeting milestones, and exceeding deadlines.

📈 Strategic Insight
I’ll identify and resolve conflicts, reconcile invoices, and implement strategies for optimal project accuracy.

📧 Let’s Connect:
Are you ready to discuss how I can enhance your projects? I’d love to chat further! Reach me at [email protected].

I am excited about the possibility!

Fithri H M


Hi Yoni,

From your job description, I understand you are looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant to work with an Australian-based music artist entrepreneur on a part-time basis. My name is Janet and I can help you with this right away.

As an Executive Assistant, I have handled the administrative duties of an executive, I have managed a highly changing daily schedules and business itineraries, I have collaborated with teams on new ideas and projects and coordinated agendas and all arrangements for meetings and events.

With my previous experience working with an executive, I can effectively prioritize tasks proactively and work with minimal supervision.

I am very familiar with different project management tools like Microsoft Applications, Google workspace, Slack, Trello, Asana etc

Just recently, I worked with a CEO as an Executive Assistant where I handled scheduling, inbox management, drafting correspondence, research and coordinated daily tasks between our partners.

It’s my responsibility that my client goes through each day without any hiccups. I will organize their calendar based on their priorities and preference. By allowing me be their Executive Assistant, I will ensure that their potentially chaotic day turns into a stress free routine.

I have an ideally CREATIVE PASSION and willing to exploring new areas like photography, graphic design, video creation etc. I am adaptive to wide array of changes and I am someone who is willing to learn and grow.

If you are looking for someone willing to help their client in the best possible ways and help them take back their time without a tone of back and forth, then I am your girl.

I am available to get an interview for you to engage my experience level and you will be impressed.

I look forward to working with you.





I came across your job listing and it caught my interest in the position.

My Resume is available here:

Let me know if you’re interested.




Dear Yoni,

I am thrilled to apply for the Virtual Assistant position supporting the diverse projects of your Australia-based music artist entrepreneur. With a background in virtual assistance and a passion for creative endeavors, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to her various projects while ensuring the smooth management of administrative tasks.

Why I’m Qualified:
My career as a virtual assistant over the past 2 years has honed my skills in various areas crucial for this role. I am fluent in both written and spoken English, ensuring seamless communication and correspondence, which is essential for monitoring inboxes, drafting replies, and maintaining to-do lists. Additionally, my experience in proofreading guarantees meticulous attention to detail for website updates, newsletters, and press releases.

Long-term Engagement:
I am enthusiastic about the opportunity for a long-term engagement, especially aligning with Singapore time (GMT+8hrs). My commitment to consistency and over-delivering in every task undertaken resonates with the ethos of your desired candidate.

Creative Passion and Experience:
My creative passion extends to photography, graphic design, and video production, aligning perfectly with the ideal candidate profile. I have hands-on experience in supporting entrepreneurs and leveraging creativity in their projects. This creative inclination complements potential tasks such as graphic design, sound editing, and video production, providing a holistic support framework.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with the requirements of this position.

Warm regards,

[email protected]


Hi Yoni,
I have experience working with music artist for almost 10+ years (because I also in the band too), and also 5+ years in creative industry, so this job it’s really my expertise. I also happy to help your reach your goal.

I attached a link to my portfolio. If you feel fit, shot me a message and let’s organize a time to meet. I’m looking forward.
– Gema

My portfolio:


Hi Yoni,
I am interest in the role you’ve advertised, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute as a virtual assistant. I can work on Singapore time (GMT+8hrs). As a passionate and creative virtual assistant, I always help client meets it goals and objects by completing tasks on time assigned to me. I have a comprehensive understanding of the task associated with this role, with include administrative support, proofreading, email management, social media campaigns, scheduling meetings, and video editing, Based on my previous experience in sales, customer support, finance, and as an administrative assistant has equipped me with a diverse skill set for this roles. One easy way of promoting a brand is through thumbnails, video puzzles and creation short content this allow the client engage with her fans directly and keep them updated. This method always keep fans waiting and wanting for more post or content.
I have alot of ideas on how best to assist in growing the client’s while working as her Virtual assistant I am eager to be part of this journey.
I can be reached via email at [email protected]. I look forward in having a conversation with you.

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