Full-Stack Web Application Developer

We are building a web-based application to validate and remediate ebooks with a particular focus on accessibility. We are now kicking off a tightly-defined initial project to take it to closed beta.

We have 20+ years of experience in digital publishing, web standards, and accessibility; we have limited experience with modern front-end development, and are coming up to speed on NestJS. Seeking a well-rounded, experienced developer to bring new skills and facility to our team for a rapid execution of our plan.


Demonstrated proficiency in building full-stack nodejs CI/CD web applications.
Excellent front-end UI/UX development facility.
Excellent communication skills.
Competent participant in team-based project management. We use Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket to collaborate.
Ability to lead other developers less experienced with certain technologies.



PostgreSQL db.
Bull/Redis for managing multiple tasks/queueing.
XML/Xpath/XSLT for working with XML/XHTML documents.
EPUBCheck, DAISY Ace, and Deque axe-core for validation (prior experience preferred, but not required).
Stytch for authentication.


Nextjs (considering adopting).
WCAG conformance.

Nice to Have

Any experience with ebooks and ereaders.
EPUB experience.
W3C/web standards experience.
IAAP certification / other accessibility experience or credentials.
Experience with the educational publishing industry.
AWS experience or credentials.
Mobile development skills (won’t be supporting mobile initially but may down the road).



My name is Mahesh, and I adore innovating and trying out new concepts. Through self-study, I have developed my java and other programming skills. These skills and my enthusiasm for this subject line up with the attributes you’re looking for in a new engineer. I perform best in a setting that encourages energetic, consensus-driven teamwork.
I work hard and have a keen artistic eye, but I also enjoy encouraging fun. I also offer excellence in critical analysis, creativity, and communication. I have a strong feeling that your company will benefit greatly from my creative abilities. I am looking forward to our interview and the chance to work together as you take on the new Java Software Engineer position. I place a high value on professionalism in the workplace and have no trouble working under pressure to complete tasks on time. I think my abilities could be a great contribution to your business.
My resume, which I hope is suitable and fits all of your requirements, is attached to this letter. My education and professional history are described in further detail on my resume. My resume will demonstrate to you my qualifications for the post.

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