Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for top-notch full stack developer to help us code features and improvements for our web app.

About Us:

Exploding Topics helps people find trending topics before they take off.

Forward-thinking companies like Slack, Apple, Casper, and Shopify use our site to see what’s coming around the corner.

Job Description:

Responsibilities will range from improving existing product functionality to building entirely new features for our trends platform.

Technical Requirements:
– Proficiency in ReactJS and JavaScript
– Experience with Next.js (including older versions)
– Backend server development and scripting experience with Node.js
– CSS/HTML knowledge and responsive design
– Understanding of MongoDB and document query optimization

General Requirements:
– Strong eye for detail and high standards for code that is properly tested
– Experience building SaaS applications and features
– Really care about the quality of the delivered end result to make a better product

We will start off with a small (paid) test project. If that goes well, we will slowly scale up weekly hours.

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