Full Stack Developer (Angular & .Net)

We are looking for a highly skilled full-stack developer who is comfortable with both front and back end development. You will be working with a small team of testers and developers, who follow the Scrum methodology. We need one lead and 3 other engineers to work together on the engineering side of things.

– Work with Project Manager to detail tasks, which include the ability to add estimations
– Work with QA to resolve bugs
– If chosen as lead, will be in charge of infrastructure and application architecture

– Proven experience as an application and infrastructure architect if chosen as lead
– Strong understanding of Design Patterns and Enterprise Application Architecture
– Ability to take ownership of tasks, ask questions when needed, and accept responsibility for ones assignments.
– Excellent communication and teamwork skills
– Great attention to detail
– Organizational skills
– An analytical mind and someone who can get infront of issues during the task design phase with the project manager

Technical Skill Requirements
– At least 5 full years of professional Angular Experience (Not AngularJS)
– At least 5 full years of professional .NET Web API Experience
– At least 5 full years of professional SQL Server Experience
– Understanding (and have implemented) Gang of Four Design and Enterprise Application Architecture patterns
– Experience with Domain Driven Design
– Experience with at least one Testing Frameworks (xUnit, Assertible, Cypress.io)
– Experience with Parallel Processing and Asynchronous Programming in .Net
– College degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or 3+ years of industry Experience on top of the 5 required

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