Front End Developer - create UX/UI component library

Flexible working, more and more self-employed people, digitization, internationalization, the growth of online shopping, the growing importance of privacy… these are all developments that we respond to with our multiple Pri-services and for which we offer practical solutions. These services are supported by one online platform (PriPortal) in which everything comes together and on which our own dedicated IT team works daily.

We have been around for over 15 years now, and we have customers in more than 118 countries. Originally started as a smart alternative to the, in recent years we have mainly invested in the development of the PriPortal so that it is a scalable, online IT platform with which we can achieve exponential growth.

We are looking for a:

Front End Developer (project base / freelance)

Are you able to translate a UX design into a reusable component library?
Are you experienced enough to work independently and
provide our backend developers with the right UI and screen components?
Then be sure to read on!

It’s your mission
to translate the new UX design that was recently made, into a reusable component library. This is a NPM package that our developers can pull in the main repository so that they can use the individual Vue atoms in our main (Laravel) application.

It features the following items:
• Vue3 Composition Api
• Based on atomic design
• DRY components
• Integrated storyboard with stories that show the components and their options
• Vue components are documented so that in storyboard these options can be viewed by the storyboard autodocs
• Exports the Vue components and CSS to be usable in our main application
• Styling is based on Bootstrap 5 with customized variables to recompile the bootstrap SCSS into our own styled version
• The bootstrap 5 sources should stay unmodified.

We expect the UX design to be ready within a few weeks and immediately after that, we need the Front end Developer to create the library. So the estimated starting date will be October ’23.
Creating the library is a temporary project after which the job is finished, so therefor we are open for working on a freelance basis. Perhaps after completion of this project we will have the opportunity to continue working on other front-end activities within our portal for a few hours a week.

Our IT team is spread over different countries so we are used to working remotely with each other. It therefore does not matter to us if you do not live in the Netherlands.

What we expect
Although you may only work for us temporarily, we think it is important that we fit together. That increases the chance of success many times over and we will probably work together more often after the project has ended.
To fit well into our team, it is important that you have a positive attitude and are driven in your work. We like to go the extra mile for our customers and we expect the same attitude from you. We are looking for a developer who understands that the customer’s wishes are leading and does everything possible to fulfill them as well as possible. Creative, solution-oriented, investigative, that’s what we like to see! It is also important that you are a team player, who puts the team interest above personal success.

What is required for this job is that you have worked successfully and independently as a front-end developer for several years. In our team you will be the only front-end expert so there is no ‘superior’ to ask questions in that area of expertise.
Speaking the English language is a strict requirement as that is our main language spoken within the team.

The offer
The PriGroup team consists of 20 people, our head office is in Pijnacker, however, most IT colleagues mostly work from home (in the Netherlands and abroad).
Our culture is very open, no-nonsense and direct. Many ideas and developments are openly discussed so that everyone is aware, can contribute ideas and provide input. With us you will find a place where there is room for an open and honest discussion and the atmosphere is very informal. No one is more or less than the other, we do not value job titles and the success of the company is also your success.

Due to the temporary nature of this project, a collaboration on a freelance basis seems most suitable to us. However, we are also open to (temporary) employment. Salary / hourly wage negotiable.

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