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About Us / Current State: Performance Marketing Company in the Dating Niche Seeking Enhanced Financial Clarity

We are a performance marketing company that specializes in the dating niche. Our primary objective is to generate seven figures in annual revenue with a profit margin of 35%. Presently, our business is operating around the break-even point, occasionally showing slight profitability. However, one significant pain point we currently face is a lack of clarity regarding the most effective strategies to pursue and how these strategies will impact the company from a financial standpoint. This financial uncertainty hinders our ability to set clear goals, allocate resources optimally, and implement effective risk management practices.

Desired State: Implementing a Comprehensive Financial Model to Drive Strategic Decision-Making and Achieve Growth Goals

We aspire to implement a robust financial model that will enable us to comprehensively analyze and test different strategies and scenarios. By doing so, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact each strategy may have on our business. The desired outcome is twofold: first, to establish clearer and more achievable goal-setting processes, and second, to make better-informed decisions regarding resource allocation and risk management. Additionally, with the insights gained from this financial model, we seek to determine the required capital investments necessary to attain our growth objectives. The successful implementation of this financial model will pave the way for more efficient financial planning, enabling us to drive the company towards its revenue and profitability targets in a focused and sustainable manner.

Job Description:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Financial Analyst to join our performance marketing company in the dating niche. As a Financial Analyst, you will play a pivotal role in providing enhanced financial clarity to the organization, enabling data-driven decision-making, and optimizing our revenue generation and profitability.


1. Business Understanding: Collaborate closely with the team to gain a comprehensive understanding of our business model, revenue streams, and expense structure. Analyze how traffic, revenue, and expenses interplay to contribute to company performance and strategic goals.
2. Financial Model Development: Assess our unique business model and provide expert guidance on the most suitable financial models to adopt. Your expertise will be crucial in designing a robust financial model that effectively simulates different scenarios and stress tests the business for best and worst-case situations.
3. Software Recommendations: Offer well-informed suggestions on the best-in-class financial modeling software that aligns with our specific needs and enhances efficiency.
4. Financial Modeling: Utilize your proven track record in building sophisticated financial models to construct a comprehensive tool capable of analyzing and forecasting various business scenarios accurately.
5. Performance Simulation: Implement financial models that can simulate different scenarios, allowing us to assess potential outcomes and inform strategic decision-making.


1. Excellent Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication abilities to effectively convey complex financial concepts to both financial and non-financial stakeholders.
2. Proven Financial Modeling Expertise: A demonstrated track record of building intricate and insightful financial models in previous roles.
3. Proficiency in Google Sheets: Mastery of Google Sheets or similar spreadsheet software is mandatory for seamless collaboration within our team.
4. Portfolio of Previous Work: Ability to showcase examples of previous financial models or related projects, highlighting your problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities.
5. Strategic Mindset: An ability to contribute strategic advice and insights based on financial analysis, supporting the organization in making informed decisions to achieve our growth objectives

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