Facebook ADS and Media Buyer Expert

We are looking for a rockstar and dynamic Facebook Ads specialist / Media buyer to join our team! The successful candidate will work closely with our Digital Director, internal team, and copywriter to help meet our varied needs and goals for Facebook advertising. Ideally, you should have a deep understanding and hands-on experience with Facebook Ads as a platform for managing the advertising initiatives of ecommerce business in different niches.

Are you a Facebook testing guru? Do you have what it takes to help us build and consistently improve our winning strategies? This isn’t any ordinary role or position, this is one that carries with it a HUGE potential for you to learn from some of the brightest minds in the game. Ultimately we are after someone who does not only have the talent but also the willingness to learn, inspire, and go the extra mile.

Still interested? Read on!

To be considered for the role, here are the basic requirements:

Strong understanding of Facebook Ads campaigns (setup, launch, and optimization)
Proven track record in producing great ROI
Hands-on media buying experience (analyzing the data, testing, scaling, optimizing)
Basic copywriting skills
Knowledge of high level Facebook Ads and marketing strategies
Be on top of industry news and best practices
Superb  analytical skills and strong attention to detail

Responsibilities for the role will include but are not limited to the following:

Conduct market research (competitors, industry, and audiences)
Set up and launch profitable Facebook Ads campaigns
Analyze client campaigns for constant optimization, scaling, and testing
Consistently test out winning ad copies/creatives, target demographics, formats, and strategies and tactics
Collaborate with colleagues on various projects and participate in strategy calls
Perform technical setup where needed (pixels, custom conversions, tracking, etc)
Daily management and monitoring of Facebook Ads and marketing budget
Creation of dashboards for reporting where required
Identify growth opportunities and brainstorm new strategies for optimization, testing, improvement, and scaling

Job Details:

Mon-Fri, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM (Philippine time)
Fulltime, Work from home/anywhere
Salary: negotiable depending on experience and skills



I’m interested in the Facebook Ads Specialist / Media Buyer role. I have hands-on experience in media buying, consistently delivering great ROI by analyzing data, testing, scaling, and optimizing campaigns. I’m well-versed in advanced Facebook Ads and marketing strategies, staying updated on industry news and best practices. My analytical skills, attention to detail, and thorough market research have been crucial for successful advertising initiatives. I’m adaptable to any time zone, and you can reach me via email at [email protected].

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