Expert Web Scrape Developer


Are you a skilled web scraping specialist with a knack for unlocking data behind login screens? We’re on the hunt for a talented freelancer to join our team and build a series of cutting-edge connectors that delve into authenticated sources.

**What You’ll Do:**

As our web scraping expert, you’ll be the driving force behind building robust connectors that access authenticated data sources. Your responsibilities will include:

– Collaborating with our team to identify target platforms and data sources.
– Designing and implementing efficient scraping strategies to navigate through login processes.
– Ensuring compliance with terms of use and ethical scraping practices.
– Creating connectors that deliver clean, structured data ready for analysis.
– Testing and refining connectors to ensure reliable and consistent performance.
– Documenting the scraping process and providing technical support.


– Proven experience in web scraping, specifically accessing data behind login screens.
– Proficiency in Python or another relevant programming language.
– Familiarity with authentication mechanisms such as cookies, sessions, and tokens.
– Strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and DOM structure.
– Ethical scraping practices and respect for website terms of use.
– Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and ability to work independently.




I am a web backend developer, I recently finished a scrapping project, and I hope you could consider me for the position. I can offer my full-time for the job. Thank you

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