Expert in Website Migration

I am seeking a highly skilled and versatile individual or team to support the growth of my online coaching business. The ideal candidate(s) will have expertise in website migration (specifically from my existing Squarespace to WordPress), setting up and managing an e-learning platform (I am looking for Teachable), professional video editing of my training and ad videos, and launching effective digital marketing campaigns for lead generation.

Key Responsibilities:

Website Migration and Optimization:

– Migrate my current website from Squarespace to WordPress.
Implement OptimizePress (or similar tools) for lead generation and conversion optimization.
– Ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

E-Learning Platform Management:

– Set up and customize my courses on Teachable.
– Integrate the platform with my website and ensure seamless user experience.

Video Editing:

– Professionally edit training and ad videos, including adding graphics, effects, and ensuring high-quality audio and video standards.

Digital Marketing and Ad Campaigns:

– Plan and execute digital marketing strategies, including SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing (start using my facebook and instagram account).
– Launch and manage ad campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) to attract and retain clients.


– Proven experience in website migration, particularly from Squarespace to WordPress.
– Experience in setting up and managing e-learning platforms like Teachable.
– Strong skills in video editing and production.
– Proficient in digital marketing, SEO, and ad campaign management.
– Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
– Strong communication and project management skills.

Budget and Timeline:

– Please provide a detailed quote for the initial setup (website migration, platform setup, video editing for X number of videos, initial marketing campaign setup).
– Include your hourly or project-based rate for ongoing maintenance and support.
– Indicate the estimated timeline for the completion of the initial setup.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit a proposal including:

– Previous work samples relevant to this project.
– Detailed breakdown of the budget and timeline.
– Any questions or clarifications needed regarding the project.

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