Experienced SketchUp Modeler Needed for Apartment Building

We are seeking a skilled SketchUp modeler to create a simple massing model of a proposed apartment building that can be output to kmz file for use in Google Earth. This project aims to produce a basic 3D shape of the building, without detailed elements like windows or materials, to accurately represent its volume and location within the surrounding topography. The primary goal is to visualize the building’s impact on its environment when placed in Google Earth.

Our image attached shows the concept but we need to make this accurate to reflect the correct dimension of the mass and step backs.

Project Objectives:

Create a simple SketchUp massing model of a proposed apartment building based on provided architectural plans.

The model should accurately represent the building’s shape and size, without the inclusion of detailed elements such as windows, doors, or materials.

Properly integrate the model into the topography of the proposed location using sketchup to visualize its impact on the surrounding area when viewed in Google Earth. Output a kmz file and sketchup model.


Proven experience in SketchUp and 3D modeling, with a portfolio showcasing relevant projects.

Ability to interpret architectural plans and translate them into accurate 3D models.
Experience with placing and adjusting models in Google Earth, ensuring accurate representation of topography and location.

Attention to detail and commitment to accuracy in representing the proposed building’s dimensions and location.

A SketchUp file of the massing model that can be easily integrated and viewed in Google Earth.
Project Timeline:

Please provide an estimated timeline for completion from the start of the project.

We are open to proposals and would like to understand your rate for this project. Please provide an estimate based on the project scope.

Potential for Ongoing Work:

This project has the potential to lead to additional projects in the future. We are interested in building an ongoing relationship with a talented SketchUp modeler who can assist us with further architectural visualization needs.



I have work with another in this space, and I think you mind find it very interesting to have a chat. I can be reached via email [email protected]
I model with Revit and render with Lumion and aurora

Link to my portfolio

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