Experienced Note Taker and Transcriber

Our company is looking for an experienced Note Taker to help us take accurate notes of the meetings/interviews and keep a record for data analysis purposes.

● Ensure notes are clear and comprehensive. This requires fast and accurate typing and accurate spelling.
● Keep an accurate record of what happened at the meeting and what decisions were made.
● Must take notes in an impartial way and they must not try to impose their own opinions on the notes which have been taken.
● Prepare and distribute a formal version of their notes as soon as possible after the meeting is over.

● Fast Typer
● Fluent in English
● Available to work during CST hours

We are looking forward to working with you!
Thank you.



My name is Bukola, I am looking for virtual assistant work. I will love to help with all your work, I have years of experience with customer service, office administration work, familiar with zoom, dealing with clients, setting up meetings, sending email invitations, managing calenders. I also attended General Virtual Assistant training to be more competent. I am someone that you can rely on, flexible and love learning new things.
You can reach me through my email [email protected]

Ale Najar

Dear Hiring Manager,

I worked for a couple of years as an over the phone English-Spanish Medical Interpreter, and a key skill for this type of job is note-taking. My typing speed is 45 wpm, and I am familiarized with transcription software as well since I’ve worked at Rev for a few months.
I am confident I can deliver with accuracy a report on each meeting.
Please feel free to contact me for more details about my experience.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alejandra N.

Gelmar Aquino

Dear Mr./ Ms. CEO or Hiring Manager,
I hope you are in the pink of your health. I came across your business information while I was lead-generating and passed by one of the online jobs platforms that hire Virtual Assistants. I understand that you are looking for an expert email note-taker with a strong work ethic, fast-typing skills, and who takes initiative to problem-solve and get things done accurately and efficiently.

I am Gel, a skilled and trained Virtual Assistant. I have experience as an Executive Assistant doing admin tasks, copywriting, email management, and a lot more. I am also a Certified and experienced Social Media Manager, e-Commerce, video editing, and post-production in podcasting. I partner with various CEOs and businesses in different industries and verticals to assist in setting up their business strategies.
Should you be willing to discuss how can I help you improve your business and in whatever I can, please feel free to reach out.
I see this as a perfect opportunity to collaborate and come up with a solution to achieve your business
Gelmar Aquino
Skilled Virtual Executive

Benyin Ogar

Dear Kamila,
I’m excited to apply for the job of a note taker and transcriber with you.

I have relevant experience taking notes, having worked as a Virtual assistant for 2 years. I have a typing speed of 56WPM with 100% accuracy. I’m good at taking notes, having had to take minutes at several meetings in the past 2 years.

I’m confident that I’m excellent for this job role, because I would not include my personal thoughts into any notes I take, as I’m aware it’s not in my job description, I’m unbias, and it’s frankly not my business.

Thanks for your consideration of my application.


Rhea Igna

I have the requirements, experience, and skills needed. And I can start ASAP. I am always available whatever timezone my clients is.


I have been working as a virtual assistant for almost 2 years now with over 20 clients. Can share my profile if interested.

Richanne Gasgonia

I major in Business Analytics and am fond of working with huge volumes of data. I can ensure that I am capable of note-taking and transcribing

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