Experienced Note Taker and Transcriber

Our company is looking for an experienced Note Taker to help us take accurate notes of the meetings/interviews and keep a record for data analysis purposes.

● Ensure notes are clear and comprehensive. This requires fast and accurate typing and accurate spelling.
● Keep an accurate record of what happened at the meeting and what decisions were made.
● Must take notes in an impartial way and they must not try to impose their own opinions on the notes which have been taken.
● Prepare and distribute a formal version of their notes as soon as possible after the meeting is over.

● Fast Typer
● Fluent in English
● Available to work during CST hours

We are looking forward to working with you!
Thank you.


Christine Joy

My name is Christine Joy Tamayo.
I have some experience in marketing and sales and teaching. During my first employment, I was selling Smart and Globe prepaid communication sim cards and became an online sales agent selling a variety of goods online, including food, drinks, clothing, and appliances. Additionally, I have had my own small business, selling owned goods from the United States, South Korea, and Japan before the pandemic. Recently, an online freelance, real estate agent in Iloilo City, specializing in rural and urban properties and teaching English to foreigners including Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and Taiwanese both online and offline at the same time managing different Facebook businesses and community organizations pages.

When it comes to managing tasks and resolving customer-related issues, I consider myself to be quite trustworthy. With my degree of responsibility and independence to complete the tasks given to me without bias, you can depend on me to move forward with my projects promptly. In addition, I’m a great communicator when it comes to making proposals and doing product demonstrations. I always make sure that my clients are at ease using whatever communication method. By exerting extra effort to complete duties, discover answers, and address potential client difficulties, I am resourceful and proactive as well.
I can multitask by keeping things going forward and managing several clients without feeling rushed. I consider myself to be reasonably organized, especially when it comes to maintaining a solid schedule, setting priorities, and working quickly. I am particularly tech-savvy. I have produced a lot of visual content for my online businesses and gigs because designing graphics and photos using Canva software and other necessary tools is my hobby. By using different software, I can quickly study and increase my knowledge, and I’m eager to learn more in the future with your company’s assistance.
Email: [email protected]
Skype: live:.cid.73c3e40f8cc54ab1


My name is Bukola, I am looking for virtual assistant work. I will love to help with all your work, I have years of experience with customer service, office administration work, familiar with zoom, dealing with clients, setting up meetings, sending email invitations, managing calenders. I also attended General Virtual Assistant training to be more competent. I am someone that you can rely on, flexible and love learning new things.
You can reach me through my email [email protected]

Ale Najar

Dear Hiring Manager,

I worked for a couple of years as an over the phone English-Spanish Medical Interpreter, and a key skill for this type of job is note-taking. My typing speed is 45 wpm, and I am familiarized with transcription software as well since I’ve worked at Rev for a few months.
I am confident I can deliver with accuracy a report on each meeting.
Please feel free to contact me for more details about my experience.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Alejandra N.

Gelmar Aquino

Dear Mr./ Ms. CEO or Hiring Manager,
I hope you are in the pink of your health. I came across your business information while I was lead-generating and passed by one of the online jobs platforms that hire Virtual Assistants. I understand that you are looking for an expert email note-taker with a strong work ethic, fast-typing skills, and who takes initiative to problem-solve and get things done accurately and efficiently.

I am Gel, a skilled and trained Virtual Assistant. I have experience as an Executive Assistant doing admin tasks, copywriting, email management, and a lot more. I am also a Certified and experienced Social Media Manager, e-Commerce, video editing, and post-production in podcasting. I partner with various CEOs and businesses in different industries and verticals to assist in setting up their business strategies.
Should you be willing to discuss how can I help you improve your business and in whatever I can, please feel free to reach out.
I see this as a perfect opportunity to collaborate and come up with a solution to achieve your business
Gelmar Aquino
Skilled Virtual Executive

Rhea Igna

I have the requirements, experience, and skills needed. And I can start ASAP. I am always available whatever timezone my clients is.


I have been working as a virtual assistant for almost 2 years now with over 20 clients. Can share my profile if interested.

Richanne Gasgonia

I major in Business Analytics and am fond of working with huge volumes of data. I can ensure that I am capable of note-taking and transcribing

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