Email Marketing Assistant

Searching for an assistant to help our email marketing agency for 10-20 hours per week.

Your job would be to support the email marketing team by providing administrative services, basic research, data input, managing documents and files, managing the main inbox, and creating tasks in ClickUp to keep everyone organized.

You should be skilled in the following:
– Clickup (med – advanced)
– Klaviyo (medium)
– GSuite (advanced)
– Administrative tasks (updating documents, organizing folders and files, managing an inbox)
– Excellent written English communication skills and email etiquette

We’re looking for someone who is very organized and detail oriented. This is a very fast-paced position and there are a lot of moving parts to track. We need someone to help keep us all organized.

We’re searching for someone who is very reliable and consistent.



Hi Charlotte! I am an all-around VA. I formerly served as a Team Leader where I work closely with my clients and agents on several cases. During my time there, I have brought fresh and excellent ideas which was beneficial to the team as well as for the organization. It gave me an opportunity to expand the team from 4 agents to 40. Previously, as a Team Supervisor, I received praise for my overall support of the team and my positive attitude. I bring proven success in enhancing productivity and exceptional work ethic. I am looking forward to search for a new and better career opportunity in a well-established organization where my background and personnel skills will allow me the opportunity of growth.

During the start of the pandemic, I entered the space of virtual assistance. I have worked with few realtors in California and hones my administrative skills. Some of my many tasks include; CRM and Social Media Management, Data Entry and Database Management, Email and Calendar Management, and many more.

Further qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from Holy Cross of Davao College Inc., a diploma, Transcript of Records, and a certification, authentication, and verification from Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).
I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your team/organization. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Greggy N. Henares
Executive Virtual Assistant
[email protected]

Renz Carlo

Hi, my name is Renz, I am a passionate VA with almost 4 years of experience as a customer service representative with minor experience with photo editing, Facebook ads, lead generation, and social media management. My character as a young-willed freelancer will help your workload be lighter.


Hello Charlotte,

I have ACTUAL work experience in all the tools you have mentioned in the requirements:

– Clickup (med – advanced) 👉
I have project management certification in ClickUp, in my previous job as Operations Manager I built processes, and databases and ClickUp was our main project management tool.

– Klaviyo (medium) 👉
When I was working in a marketing agency most of our clients were using Klaviyo, so I know the backend of it.

– GSuite (advanced) 👉
I have experience in fully setting-up G-Suite for the team (including DNS records) when we were transitioning from webmail, have used Admin Console, and created new member accounts, groups, etc.

I’m super detail and process-oriented, always looking for ways to improve, optimize and automate.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and looking forward to hearing from you.



ings, lead generation, create paid campaigns and etc.In terms of my skills I can say that it is worth it. I have 3 experience as an executive/general virtual assistant wherein I was tasked to Answer emails and phone calls from customers, Make travel arrangements, Schedule appointments, Make cold calls to generate leads from a provided spreadsheet, Create content to post on the company’s social media channels, Conduct online research to find address and contact details for a given list of companies, Prepare presentations according to instructions given. We are also Using CRM’s such as KW command, homekeepr, trello, calendly for appointments, zoho, BNI, Whitepages for skip tracing, mailchimps for sending newsletters, MLS and etcs. For editing videos adobe premier, flexiclip and filmora and for pictures photoshop, canva and illustrator.

Eunice López

My name is Eunice López, and I am looking to apply for the Email Marketing Assistant position.

The role available is a great mix of my background and experience which includes high attention to detail, creative problem solver, excellent communicator, supporting the executive team with multiple tasks and helping them manage different projects.

In my current role as Executive Admin Assistant, I am in charge of tasks such as administrative services, basic research, data input, managing documents and files, managing the main inbox, and creating tasks in ClickUp to keep everyone organized among other tasks.

More specifically, here are some of the things that I’m most proud of achieving in relation to working as an Executive Assistant:
Achieved a 100% of all assigned tasks including calendar, travel, and email management, translation services in Scribe within 5 months of performance
Recently started handling additional tasks such as content creation, scheduling posts, etc.
Boosted brand recognition by 5% after updating Linkedin business profiles
Led the webinar series: 5 steps in your marketing strategy & growth, with a 2.15% conversion rate and 35% engagement rate

I am very familiar with Google Mail, Docs, Sheets, MS Office, Salesforce, Hubspot, Click Up and Klaviyo.

I would love the opportunity to chat with you further about this role and how I can be an asset to you, your team and your company. Feel free to reach me out at [email protected]

Duane Tristan

Hi! I am very much interested in this. With my 5 years experience in this field, I believe this is the best platform for me to showcase my skills and the service I could offer.

Please feel free to contact me on my email [email protected]

Thank You!

Christine Joy

When it comes to managing tasks and resolving customer-related issues, I consider myself to be quite trustworthy. With my degree of responsibility and independence to complete the tasks given to me without bias, you can depend on me to move forward with my projects promptly. In addition, I’m a great communicator when it comes to making proposals and doing product demonstrations. I always make sure that my clients are at ease using whatever communication method. By exerting extra effort to complete duties, discover answers, and address potential client difficulties, I am resourceful and proactive as well.
I can multitask by keeping things going forward and managing several clients without feeling rushed. I consider myself to be reasonably organized, especially when it comes to maintaining a solid schedule, setting priorities, and working quickly. I am particularly tech-savvy. I have produced a lot of visual content for my online businesses and gigs because designing graphics and photos using Canva software and other necessary tools is my hobby. By using different software, I can quickly study and increase my knowledge, and I’m eager to learn more in the future with your company’s assistance.

Maureen Cher


I am Maureen Cher E. Gatus. Mau for short. but will be your long term employee.

I am the one you’re looking for not only because I am equipped with professional skills which are effective for communication -but my extensive admin skills.

My background includes Customer Service and Technical Support. I already handle international voice accounts (Retail Account, Telecommunications Account, and Financial Account).

Herein attached link is my cv and portfolio:
CV: file:///C:/Users/DELL/Documents/Gatus,MaureenCherE.pdf


Joko Paulo

Hi, Good day!

I hope you have a wonderful day! I’m interested in the role you posted. Based on my experience, I believe I could be a good fit, lets’s connect and get started!

Best Regards,
Joe your VA.


Hi Charlotte,

I am an HR Manager for a mid-size company. I am interested in digital marketing so I am looking for a position that would allow me some exposure to the marketing industry. I am very organized, as it is required for my current job, managing a team of 15 office staff.

Please let me know if you’d like to schedule a time to chat briefly about how I can assist your team.



Hi, Good day!

I hope you’re doing well! I’m interested in the role you posted. Email Marketing Assistant, Based on my experience, I believe I could be a good fit.

Are you open to a quick chat to discuss the position? I’d love to learn more about it and share more about my own qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindly see attached file below.

Best regards,

Rudgen Gocila

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