E-commerce Growth Strategist for Health & Wellness Platform Expansion

We are in search of a highly skilled E-commerce Growth Strategist with a demonstrated track record in brand development, partnership collaboration, and marketing strategy. In this project, you will work closely with the Managing Director to formulate a comprehensive plan aimed at expanding our multi-cultural health and wellness platform. (Model: Multi-Vendor eCommerce)

Areas of Consulting:
E-commerce Brand Development:
– Devise strategies to elevate and strengthen our platform’s brand within the health and wellness sector.
– Provide insights on optimizing the user journey for increased brand engagement and loyalty.

Strategic Partnership Consulting:
– Consult on identifying and establishing strategic partnerships aligned with our goals.
– Develop a framework for fostering collaborative relationships that bring mutual benefits.

Marketing Strategy Formulation:
– Consult on crafting and implementing effective marketing strategies tailored to our target demographic.
– Provide recommendations on leveraging various channels for maximum visibility and impact.

Product Onboarding Coordination:
– Consult on the seamless onboarding of products onto our platform.
– Work collaboratively with internal team to ensure the integration of partner products meets high standards of quality and enhances user experience.

Key Deliverables:
– A comprehensive e-commerce growth strategy document outlining specific initiatives and timelines.
– Consultation reports on identified and established partnerships, offering strategic insights.
– Recommendations for executed marketing campaigns to enhance platform visibility and user engagement.
– Coordinated and optimized processes for successful onboarding of partner products.

Thank you for reviewing our listing. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of our brand.

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