E-Commerce Customer Support Manager

We’re rapidly scaling our next e-commerce brand and need a professional customer support manager that can be available during weekdays, US central time zone, 09:00 – 21:00.

Our manager will be paid on an hourly basis + commission potential (more on this later)

Here are all the tasks needed:

Answer FAQs, Manage refunds and returns, Comfortable with Shopify CRM and Zendesk, Call abandoned carts and close them (with commission), Respond with social media comments/messages, Track and report KPI’s via google sheets on a regular basis daily/weekly/monthly

We communicate with our customers using live chat, email, phone (receiving inbound support calls), messenger, Facebook/Instagram comments, and outbound calls to close abandoned carts. [if you’re applying for this role, please put the word, “wallet” in your application, so I know you’ve read everything]

The earning potential is high with the abandoned cart recovery calls, we’re giving 10% commission to each saved sale. Our average order value is $60.

We’re onboarding our customer support manager within 24 hours. After onboarding this customer support manager role, we’ll onboard 5 – 10 standard customer support agents as work volume increases exponentially over the coming weeks.

The manager should be setting up the zendesk infastructure with macros, and syncing it all together so we can seamlessly add more agents to the team.

Then, as we have more agents to take care of the customer support inquiries, the manager will have weekly calls with me to share updates, information, and overview the KPI’s.

Looking forward to your application, if it peaks my interest we can hop on a zoom call to further discuss if you’re the right fit. Talk soon.



Hi! Good Day, I’m Hezel.

I spent a lot of time thoroughly reading your job description and discovered that you need a helper for several of the mentioned responsibilities. Since I meet all the requirements, I’d like to submit an application for that employment. Because I have the experience, characteristics, information, and pertinent abilities necessary to fulfill the criteria of the job description, I am purely qualified for this position. My aptitude for meeting deadlines, time management, multitasking, and great customer service make me a strong candidate for the position.

I have a completely working home office and I am a self-starter. I am thus ready to begin serving as your virtual assistant as soon as possible. I genuinely appreciate your thought and attention.

Email → [email protected]
LinkedIn →https://www.linkedin.com/in/hezel-fuertes-457259211/

Kael Del Rosario

Hi Tony,

I would like to give my intent to be part of this team. I’ve worked with Shopify as their guru/customer support in the past and one of our tasks is to save clients from not subscribing with the platform after the trial period. I’ve worked as a Customer Support for Banks, airline, and E-commerce as well which requires us to “save” a customer/client from cancelling their service.

Here is a link for my Online Resume:


Hi Tony,

Driven Virtual Assistant, specializing in blog & website content writing, copywriting, and social media maintenance. Many years of excellent customer service, utilizing exceptional skills in leadership, collaboration, multitasking, and creative problem-solving.

• Manage calendar agendas and scheduled appointments, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation
• Organize and maintain invoices & expense reporting, e-mails, social media maintenance, and other digital records
• Generate new leads via phone and e-mail using CRM software

Work well in individualized tasks, as well as within group settings.

Any questions, please contact me!


Hi Tony

This seemed like an urgent request. Have you found someone yet. I am your ideal E-comm/ Customer support junkie. I have a product launch background.

Kindly book a call here: https://calendly.com/esternanus/let-s-talk

View my work here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t46T3tyTD-vllPbP1Ttip1wCJT9VrXXG/view?usp=sharing

Thanks and good luck with your project!

Ellen Achacoso

Hi, Tony!

Good day!
Warmest greetings!

My experience and qualification are closely matching with
the job responsibilities mentioned.

Been working on this field for almost 3 years already.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Ellen Grace Rotoras Achacoso
[email protected]
skype: live:.cid.d7297c411ea28561
whatsapp: +639265575570

Mary Kim

Good day! I am interested in this position. I am willing to be trained, and my resume reflects my relevant experience and skills. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you about the traits and characteristics that make me a good fit. I’ve always been a hard worker with a strong work ethic. I am confident that I would fit perfectly in This position you offer. Here is a quick overview of my skills and strengths. I am well-self-motivated communication Skills – Fluent in both verbal and written communication, Time Management, Typing Skills,
Critical thinking and problem solving, Multi-tasking skills, Fast Learner – willing to be trained, Technical Skills – knowledge of tools like MS Excel and Word or Google Docs and Spreadsheet, Customer Service – works well under pressure Comprehension Skills, Organized and efficient. My key to success is to learn quickly about my incoming responsibilities. I have a lot of experience in any field in the Workplace.

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +63 968 854 2306

Punkesh Kumar

Hi Tony,

I understand that you are rapidly scaling your e-commerce brand and need a professional customer support manager who is available during weekdays US Central time zone. You need someone who is able to answer FAQs, manage refunds and returns, comfortable with Shopify CRM and Zendesk, call abandoned carts and close them with commission, respond to social media comments/messages, and track and report KPI’s via Google Sheets on a regular basis.

I am confident that I have the skillset to handle all of the tasks you require. I am highly organized and have extensive experience with customer service. I am comfortable using software systems such as Shopify CRM and Zendesk, as well as tracking KPI’s in Google Sheets. In addition to being available during the hours required for this job post, I can also provide other services such as call abandoned cart recovery with 10% commission for each saved sale.
I would love to further discuss this opportunity via video call if you are interested in my proposal. This way we can get to know each other better and discuss how my skillset could be beneficial for your team.

Thank you for taking the time to review my proposal! If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.


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