Direct Message Reach out on FB and LI and appointment setting

We are looking for marketers who are experienced in using DM’s through LI and FB to get appointments for online coaches.
• No cold calling
• All leads provided.
• You use our tech.
1. Leads are in a CRM.
2. You qualify the leads according to our criteria and delete unqualified leads and move the qualified ones to a different column in the CRM
3. You send pre-written messages through our CRM to the qualified prospects
The next day you qualify leads, move them through the pipeline and send pre-written follow up messages to leads that have responded.
You need have great attention to detail. Be able to add a sentence or 2 to the pre-written messages if it makes sense (so you need great English)
Be able to work on USA Eastern or Central time
Be able to handle doing this with multiple clients and through multiple accounts and keep it all straight in your head.
All training provided and our sales manager is available to answer any questions and help.
We are looking for long term, PT or FT people. Multiple positions open.
Having your own LI or FB accounts that you can use is preferred but not a requirement.

$5/hour with bonus for appointments that close


Shaira Donna Lyn

I formally submit my application for the Appointment setting position that you advertised on Workopa. I am certain that I will be able to generate excellent outcomes for your business.

Over 3 years of experience in Media, accounting and bookkeeping for a multinational tire manufacturing company. Responsible for account reconciliation, financial statement compilation, and spreadsheet design. Adept in using MS Office suite (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

I can quickly prepare documents, take notes, plan meetings, and follow up on them if I were hired as a virtual assistant. I also have a basic understanding of marketing and sales, which enables me to maintain blogs and social media accounts for your company.
I tend to plan the majority of the activities I might undertake on a given day. I keep a journal with me at all times for all the tasks that should be completed. When it comes to planning events and other things, I can be a little OC. I always check to see whether everything arrives in good condition and complete.

I’m looking for a position right now where I can use my expertise and abilities to support other firms. In addition, I’m looking for a job where I can be treated as a resource and a wage that can match my experience.

I’ve provided a link below where you may view my resume.

This video will provide you more information about me:

Youtube Channel:

Thank You,
Shaira Donna Lyn M. Sarming


I am Naveed Ahmed, your tech-savvy virtual assistant.

Here, I provide exceptional virtual assisting services for businesses as well as individual entities, no matter how big or small. What I offer is tailored and culminated around one goal which we happen to share in common, and that is, to manage your tasks and be a contributing factor to the efficiency and quality of operation for your business as well as your brand, YOU. DELEGATE is key! Which is why you should choose Naveed. Ultimately, the benefits of my services are palpable in your business or personally. you will see and feel them.

I am adept in a cadre of tasks using my skillset to work in both team-based and individual capacities. My background is inclusive of but not limited to customer care, administrative support as well as social media management.

100% client satisfaction is guaranteed with me as professionally, I deem myself to be adaptable, teachable, dependable, proactive and most importantly I am willing to learn and adapt to new systems of work.

Why should you hire NAVEED?
I have the ability to integrate myself seamlessly within the infrastructure of your organization or network and, ultimately when working, your goals become mine,

Let us begin the work today!

Hi. I am Febwaren Concepcion. You can just call me, Feb. I’ve been working online or at home for 5 years now. I am the best candidate for the position because I work with integrity and am willing to walk the extra mile for the task to be completed. I make sure to always do my best in the given task so that I could produce the best result for the company or the person that I am working with. I have the proper experience for the job and if there are any tasks that are not in my league, I always take initiative to learn the proper skills for the job. I am really interested to be part of your growing company. Hard-working and highly driven aspiring virtual assistant with 2 years of experience as a Technical Support Representative. With proven Customer Service skills and the flexibility to multitask. I am an extremely organized, responsible, and detail-oriented person, which means I follow instructions well and I can handle the work properly. Thanks a lot.

For reference, I also attached the link to my resume:


An executive VA professional with over 6 years of extensive experience in various reputable companies in the fields of exec project management, digital marketing, data entry, web development, research, customer service, administrative support, and email handling. My dedication and diligence combined with the ability to learn and adapt quickly and apply what I have learned from my previous jobs and projects will surely be beneficial for client satisfaction and success.

I would love to perform this task for you on an ongoing basis.


Hello Savvy Sales,
I am interested in the Job as a FB and LI appointment setter. I have years of experience as an appointment setter for various companies which helped in the generation of sales. I am creative, proficient in the English language, have good communication skills and a content writer.
I believe I have what it takes to convert your leads to clients.
Looking forward to further discuss my qualifications with you.
Thank you for the opportunity.



Trusted Virtual Assistant – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

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