Digital Planner Designer - Goodnotes, iPad, Notability

We are seeking a skilled Digital Planner Designer to create visually appealing and user-friendly digital planner templates to sell on Etsy. You will design templates for Goodnotes, iPad, Notability, based on existing templates. Attention to detail, knowledge of interactive design, and strong communication skills are essential.


Create high-quality digital planner templates for Goodnotes, iPad, and Notability.
Develop visually appealing covers, dividers, and stickers.
Ensure seamless navigation and user-friendly functionality.
Incorporate dated layouts for yearly and daily planners.
Collaborate with the team to understand requirements.
Meet project deadlines and deliver quality designs.


Experience in digital design for planner templates.
Proficiency in graphic design software (Adobe Creative Suite, etc.).
Knowledge of hyperlinking and interactive design.
Strong attention to detail and consistency.
Excellent communication and time management skills.



Good Day, my name is Kwine Villa. I am a Virtual worker from the Philippines and my expertise is in Photo Editing & Graphic Designing. I have 10 years of experience in Photoshop, Lightroom & Illustrator.

I also have work experience in Print Media such as Catalogs, Brochures & Cards. I have experience in invitation or greeting card designing. Expertizing unique & elegant invitations for special events such as weddings. I know how to use a cutting machine that cuts all kinds of shapes and creations from materials such as cardstock & specialty boards or papers. This makes a cutting job easier and faster for you. The most familiar models for DIYers are the ones by Cameo. I know how to make SVG files for cutting files needed for covers and stickers. I can also do mock-ups & physical samples of it.

I’ve been handling some Etsy Clients. Mostly, more on card design & print media. Doing the templates, Jpeg Files & shop’s mock-up.

I have experience in studio photography and work as an editor and graphic designer. Knows the basic editing process such as Crop your images and clean them up, Adjust white balance, and Adjust exposure and contrast. Adjust color vibrancy and saturation and Finalize it. I can coordinate with the photographer’s assignments, and obtain copyright permissions. I have experience in Fashion: Shoes, Bags & Apparel and Beddings: Pillows, Beddings, Towels & Many more.

Here’s my portfolio link:
I’m looking forward to having a meeting with you & working with you to work with your good company.

Here are my details :
Skype : [email protected]
Gmail : kwine.freelance

Best Regards,
Kwine VillaGraphic Designer / Photo Editor


Hello, I’m interested! Where can I send my sample? let me know!

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