Customer Support Virtual Assistant

Customers buy our products on our website which is a Shopify store. You will be replying to customer support emails using Zendesk.


It is an absolute requirement that when working in the support team you must:

– Understand our website and the products we sell.
– Understand our Macro replies and always use them if possible to speed up ticket reply time.
– Join the telegram group chat and be active/online on telegram during the hours you are working.

Note – A Macro is a pre written reply that speeds up answering tickets. We have macros for most customer issues, you can access them when you are answering a ticket. It should be self-explanatory to find the macros, especially if you have used Zendesk before.


Your responsibilities when replying to customer emails are:

– Giving customers their tracking numbers and tracking information
– Answering other order related queries.
– Looking up orders on Shopify
– Communicating any problems to the team group-chat on telegram
– Using ‘macros’ when replying to customers.



Hi I see you need a VA who is skilled at using Zendesk, customer satisfaction, communication etiquette, customer service , product knowledge and online chat support. Lucky you because I can handle this and more.

I am very good at responding to emails and phone calls. From answering questions about a company’s products or services to organizing and planning, helping customers with complaints and questions, Processing orders and transactions, documentation and report writing, managing customers contact lists, Collecting and analyzing customer feedback, responding to product or company reviews , creating an account for new customers and addressing customers inquiries.

I would love to get together and discuss your project and what’s important to you.

Please reach me at- [email protected]


I would love to be part of the team. I do have organizational skills which will help your company.

I am efficient, independent, and dedicated to the tasks that are given to me. Though I mentioned that I work independently, I am also a team player who is open to new ideas.

I would just like to mention that although I have no experience in being a virtual assistant, I’m willing to be trained. So that my skills will be honed under your supervision.

I hope you can consider my application. Thank you.


I have no other obligations and can dedicate as much time as needed for this job. I am efficient, fast typer, and very good with customers. My phone number is (502) 777-6085.

Sofia Clarice

Good day, Alina! I am Sofia Clarice B. Cagahastian, 18 years old from the Philippines. I am seeking to be your next Virtual Assistant for my skills are at par with the requirements needed to be an excellent virtual assistant. This includes my ability to speak and write English fluently, ability to conduct research and organize data, interact with customers or clients on my employer’s behalf and more. I am also great at updating calendars and sorting documents as well as photo and video editing plus social media management which may be helpful to my employer. In addition, I am student leader, I worked as a class secretary and a class president. I was also awarded as the best presenter in our school’s research oral defense and I have also been a part of the Debate team for 3 consecutive years. Furthermore, I am resilient, hard working, a great team player, and adaptable to whatever situation I am in. I hope to hear from you soon!

Sam Babon

Hi Alina ,

Good day!

I am writing to express my interest in this position that was recently advertised. I am a creative problem solver and a quick learner, able to adapt to new situations with ease. I possess excellent communication and organizational skills, allowing me to coordinate with team members and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

My previous role was a Customer Service Representative, Sales Agent, Supervisor/Operations Head, Senior Quality Analyst, Social Media Manager and Account Manager and I believe I am a perfect fit for this role.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with a dynamic and innovative company and I am eager to contribute my skills and experience to help the company success.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.

Sam Babon

EMAIL: [email protected]


I have extensive experience with customer service.
Here’s my website:

Thank you for your time,




I am a seasoned Virtual Assistant seeking to help grow your business! I work with eagerness, excitement and devotion to succeed. What this means for you, is that I will go above and beyond to do a good job for you.

With strong experience in social media marketing, email communications, event planning, and task coordination, I will be creative, efficient, and accurate.
Utilizing my 5+ years of administrative and customer service experience, I have impeccable time management, logical thinking, and organization skills. I am eager to discuss all project needs with an open mind and flexible approach.

I am experienced in using software, such as Canva, all Google platforms, Trello, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Loom and Zoom.

Below I have attached my portfolio.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Shelby Smith

Virtual Assistant


Dear hiring manager,
My name is Noman Abid and I am excited to be applying for the role of a virtual assistant.
Upon learning of your need for one, I was really excited to be able to submit my resume for your review. As an ambitious and dedicated professional with 4+ years of experience providing comprehensive administrative and operational support to C-level personnel, I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your team. My expertise lies in coordinating and leasing administrative and operational functions for senior management. Some of my experiences include; greeting clients, managing calendars, scheduling of appointments, maintenance of confidential records, data entry among others. With great communication skills, I excel at providing excellent customer service and exceptional organisational and time management skills while providing top level interpersonal skills and maintaining strict attention to detail.
I would love for an opportunity to further discuss how my skills and experience can be of added value to your organisation and I am available anytime to be interviewed at your convenience.

I can be contacted via email [email protected]
Thank you


Damaris Magu
[email protected]
As a channel performance officer, I am currently employed by one of Kenya’s top banks(co-operative bank of Kenya). I’ve been exposed to customer service by this role while performing duties attached it which include
Responding to enquiries from agents through chat and calls
Managing and updating agents about channels processes
Managing and solving agents user challenges on the pos machines.
Providing agents with new and existing bank products.
My communication abilities are being horned in this profession through interactions with agents and other bank customers.
Prior to this, I spent two years as an accountant at Absa Bakery in Kenya, where I was exposed to general ADM work and orders enquiry management during invoicing duty. During this time, I managed to handle fast-moving items with bulk data input and produce results that were accurate and on time. I was promoted to reconciliation duty after demonstrating my dependability. In this capacity, I also got to know MS Office.
I would love the chance to use my training and experience to contribute value to the organization.

Kael Del Rosario

Hi Alina,

I would like to give my intent to be part of your growing team. I’ve worked with Shopify as there guru/customer support in the past.


Customer Support Virtual Assistant


Good day,

I hope you’re well.

My name is Laila and I am writing to propose my services as a Virtual Assistant to support the growth and success of your business. With 4 years of experience in administrative support and PA/VA, I am confident in my ability to provide high-level assistance and take on a range of tasks to help streamline your operations.

My services include, but not limited to:
Scheduling appointments and managing your calendar
Managing email and responding to inquiries
Data entry and database management
Social media management & content creation
Travel arrangements
Presentation and document creation
Event planning and coordination

I am highly organized and efficient, with a keen attention to detail that allows me to anticipate and meet the needs of my clients. Additionally, I am a strong communicator and am comfortable interacting with people at all levels of an organization.

I am available to work on a part-time or full-time basis immediately and can accommodate your schedule and specific requirements. My rates are competitive and I am open to discuss a customised package that meets your needs and budget.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with you and bring my skills and experience to support the growth of your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

Kind regards,
Laila Khalek.

[email protected]


I’m interested to work with you
looking for an interview and then you will decide you should keep me or not for your company

i need a work from home or remote job


Adas Mahdi Atef here, and I’m emailing you to inquire about a potential job opportunity with your organization. Any information you can give me about how to get engaged with your business would be greatly appreciated. If there are any additional chances, kindly let me know.

Email is the best way to reach me: [email protected]

or call me on my mobile at:

My website:

I sincerely appreciate your time. I’m incredibly excited to hear from you.

Baguio city, is where I’m at.


My name is Stanley Balacy from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

In response to your advertisement for Social Media Marketing. I truly feel that I am the perfect match for the job. I have my personal experience in Social Media Marketing and I can offer my great skills in handling your social media accounts.

I can do Social Media Managing and Marketing, in the use of social media sites such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Google Bloggers, Google +, WordPress, and Linkedin),

I can also do blog-writing with keyword related tags, create an entertaining and exciting blog post, and do backlinks for your SEO purposes.

Lastly, I can handle your email inquiries, do research, and make use of Google drive and Google
calendar, to make all your social media transactions organized.

I am a passionate Social Media Manager. I can commit to working with you for 30 hours a week.

I am organized, creative, and a fast learner. I can assure to give outstanding results, long term relationships, and professionalism to my work.

his is my Portfolio:

WordPress Site

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Looking forward,

Best Regards,
Stanley Balacy


Hello! My name is Rishel. I’m a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. I can give you the lowest rates with great services! (have 5 years experience). I help busy business owners grow their business or rediscover their work-life balance by taking on the tasks they don’t have the time or skills to do themselves. I perform various administrative tasks, organize and update files, answer calls and emails, scheduling appointments and meetings, prepare spreadsheets and keep online records, experience with word-processing software and spreadsheets (e.g. MS Office), experience with Customer Relationship Management Tools or Apps (CRM), and organizing data and files. I’m open to extensive training, I’m also tech-savvy, able to communicate through multiple channels, and super organized.


Hi Alina!

I’m super interested in the job! Would be happy to help you out with this.



Hello Alina, I’m Isaac
I’ll be happy to work with/for you but how about we get to know if I’m the best fit for the job first, then we can discuss other terms.

Yours sincerely
Isaac Esin
[email protected]
Whatsapp: +1 (615) 922-1487

Hi. I am Febwaren Concepcion. You can just call me, Feb. I’ve been working online or at home for 4 years now. I am the best candidate for the position because I work with integrity and willing to walk the extra mile for the task to be completed. I make sure to always do my best in the given task so that I could produce the best result for the company or the person that I am working with. I have the proper experience for the job and if there are any tasks that are given to me, that I do not know, I always take initiative to learn the proper skills for the job. I am really interested to be part of your growing company. Hard-working and highly driven aspiring virtual assistant with 2 years of experience as a Technical Support Representative, seeking a full-time position as VA where I can lend my knowledge and skills for the benefit of the company. With proven Customer Service skills and the flexibility to multitask. I am an extremely organized, responsible, and detail-oriented person, which means I follow instructions well and I can handle the work properly. Thanks a lot.

For reference, I also attached the link to my resume:


Hi Alina,

Looked at your job post and I’m experienced with the task you’ve mentioned.

I can start immediately 🙂

I am a subject matter expert with more than 8 years of extensive customer service industry experience, offering exceptional organizational and administrative skills combined with ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. I want to keep customers happy and help the company grow by putting a lot of emphasis on quality, efficiency, and improving processes.

As a team player, I am outgoing, have a positive attitude, and have strong customer rapport-building skills.

I’m confident I’d be a great asset due to my experience and desire to provide excellent solutions.

All the best,
Jeyniel Asuelo

[email protected]
Skype: live:jasu4794
WhatsApp: (+63) 9270654695



kindly find the link to my resume below for your perusal.

Thank you.

Ellen Achacoso

Hi, Alina!

Good day!
Warmest greetings!

My experience and qualification are closely matching with
the job responsibilities mentioned.

Been working on this field for almost 3 years already.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Ellen Grace Rotoras Achacoso
[email protected]
skype: live:.cid.d7297c411ea28561
whatsapp: +639265575570


Hi, I am interested in the position. I am currently working as VA and as a hardworking person. I’ll be a more productive and competitive individual. Please give me a chance to showcase myself. I am looking forward to procced on to the next process of my application.


My name is Iwuji Ijeoma. I have studied your job description with full concentration and came to know that you need a virtual assistant to assist your job with some requirements you have provided on the description. I would like to apply myself for that vacant post as I have possessed the qualities top to bottom.
I have full management and organization capability. I am a pro at proofreading, editing, finding necessary email and compiling them with the urgency of the clients. I have mastered the strategy of online marketing.
I provide 60 hours service a week to my client.

It would be great experience if you pick me for your job with full trust. I am available on WhatsApp,email, Instagram, and facebook messenger.

Thank you.

With great concern


Email; [email protected]

Mary Kim

Good day! I am interested in this position. I am willing to be trained, and my resume reflects my relevant experience and skills. So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you about the traits and characteristics about me that I feel make me a good fit. I’ve always been a hard worker with a strong work ethic. I am confident that I would fit perfectly in This position you offer. Here is a quick overview of my skills and strengths. I am well-self-motivated communication Skills – Fluent in both verbal and written communication, Time Management, Typing Skills,
Critical thinking and problem solving, Multi-tasking skills, Fast Learner – willing to be trained, Technical Skills – knowledge of tools like MS Excel and Word or Google Docs and Spreadsheet, Customer Service – works well under pressure Comprehension Skills, Organized and efficient. My key to success is to learn quickly about my incoming responsibilities. I have a lot of experience in any field in the Workplace.

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +63 968 854 2306


My name is Shannon, and my primary skills in Amazon Virtual Assistants are listing optimization, fixing stranded issues, and managing suppressed concerns. I previously handled more than 20 stores for my clients while working for V.A for three years.
My video editing talents include combining crucial footage to construct a story. adding text and cool transitions, and also as an Appointment Setter/Data Entry, where I schedule appointments and compile important information for my clients. Working with these few clients taught me how to improve my skills. I was also part of the dispatch team because my employer promoted me before because he could trust me with minimal supervision.

I am confident in my writing abilities, therefore I don’t anticipate any difficulties. I also know how to use Excel and Google Sheets, and I am familiar with Trello and Notion.
I am a goal-oriented individual looking for great connections in my professional path here on freelancing, and I am aware that I am teachable since I am constantly eager to acquire new abilities.

I know my skills with SMM will also help you to attract more clients which also applied my knowledge skills with video editing and

actually during my free time I manage my own content on tiktok its not yet big but I have my own organic reach which is great since I know i have a good result with my content

I need a specific task completed, and you can be confident that I will complete and deliver it on time.
I am searching for long-term employment, but if you can provide me part-time work, I would be grateful; at the very least, you have provided me with the chance to prove why I am qualified to be part of your team

I am looking forward hearing back to you again

Clint Cania

Proficient Bilingual with more than 5 years of experience in servicing English and Spanish speaking clients. Superior ability to listen and assess customers needs and offer satisfactory solutions. Offer assistance in a friendly and professional manner in a dynamic environment. Consistently optimize team efforts to meet or surpass service quotas and effectively manage workflow.


Hello Alina,

I hope you’re doing well, I’ve been an executive administrative assistant for 4 years now. I have worked with wordpress for a while and I am ready to take on this role. Check out my portfolio:

My skills are:
– Organization and planning
– Discretion
– Teamwork and delegation
– Proficiency with photocopiers, scanners, and projectors no
– Accurate data entry
– Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, SharePoint
– Prioritization and problem-solving

Email: [email protected]

Best regards,


Dear hiring manager,
My name is Oluwabukola and I am excited to be applying for the position of a customer support representative.
I love being a customer support representative because as an empathetic individual, it gives me the opportunity to be able to showcase my skills and enables me to be of great support to people. Being a customer support representative means that I have to show world class customer service and that no customer or client is too little to attend to irrespective of the age, race and cultural differences amongst others. I am of positive attitude; which I possess and a great analyst; another skill which I posses. I am also well organised and a great problem solver. My previous experiences prepared me for working in a role requiring excellent communication and organisational skills along with a high level of sound judgement and professionalism.
I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the team’s objectives and demonstrate how my problem solving, communication and organisational skills can translate into excellence for your company.

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