Crypto Operations Specialist

Job Description:

☑️Monitor our stock levels on all platforms to make sure we have enough coins to sell on each platform and handle/approve stock top-ups as needed.
☑️Monitor market prices and ensure our trades are at the best value
Help get each trade through as quickly as possible
☑️Facilitate the release of cryptocurrency to customers after purchase
☑️Process and verify buy orders, ensuring accurate execution of transactions
☑️Handle customer refund requests and initiate the refund process as per company policies
☑️Investigate and resolve refund-related issues or disputes in a timely manner

☑️Strong computer skills and basic understanding of either cryptocurrencies or at least having basic trading knowledge of financial assets (stocks, EFT, etc.)
☑️Ideally, you should know how P2P trading works, it is a smaller marketplace so we don’t expect you to have experience with it, but of course, it would be a bonus if you have experience.
☑️Ability to work well in a very unstructured and fast-paced environment
☑️Able to commit & deliver to the highest standards: Exceeding expectations is not enough. This person needs to know how to supersede even the highest of standards.
☑️Open to work during weekends

Why work with us?
☑️Do something meaningful – Be part of a company that’s building the digital infrastructure to allow universal access to the future economy enabled by blockchain technology.
☑️Competitive salary paid in any currency or cryptocurrency of your choosing (including equity so you can capitalize on the exponential growth of our startup with the possibility to achieve financial freedom).
☑️Fast-paced, challenging, faced with different issues every day – Life never gets boring in a start-up environment.
☑️Work with an international company & team – we currently have team members across 12 different countries!
☑️Great career development opportunities in a fast-growing company.
☑️Work remotely from anywhere in the world with flexible working hours & casual work attire.



Hello Joan.

I am experienced as an Accounting staff for reconciliation tasks and also worked for a bank focus on looking for disputes on ATM transactions. I also played different games using cryptocurrency and sometimes always monitored the price. I am a professional IT so it will be easy for me to adapt to any kind of computerized system.


Hello Joan,
I am interested in joining your team if you’re still hiring. My experience as a reconciliation specialist in a Telecommunication company involved tasks such as monitoring market prices, releasing cryptocurrency to customers, executing transactions, handling customer refund requests, and resolving refund-related issues. I am capable of managing these tasks independently and can adapt to any time zone. I am always available, and I see every opportunity as a chance to learn. Conducting research is something I particularly enjoy. My location shouldn’t be a limitation, and I am willing to start at a salary of $650, with the hope of an increase in the future. You can reach me at [email protected], and my LinkedIn profile is I look forward to hearing from you soon

Simon Peter

hi Joan,
I would like to take you up on that offer. I have more than years in finance, and I am well versed with crypto. I also possess wonderful management and operations skills. kindly feel free to reach out on [email protected] or Whatapp +254715928743 to have a further discussion.

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