Creative Strategist for Disruptive Social Media Ads

Company: Veterinarian-founded nutraceutical startup delivering science-backed, high-quality products with bold communication.

Job Description:
We are looking for a Creative Strategist who excels in crafting innovative social media advertising concepts. This role requires someone who can tap into organic trends and create impactful ad concepts that are feasible within a modest production budget.


– Develop fresh and innovative ad concepts that stand out from this crowded market
– Develop new ad concepts based on our existing content and assets.
– Understand and incorporate organic trends into campaign ideas quickly and effectively.
– Outline clear creative directions for each scene, aiding our video editors and copywriters in bringing these concepts to life without the need for massive budgets.


– Proven ability to generate and execute creative ideas for social media campaigns that drive sales
– Strong understanding of social media trends and user engagement strategies.
– Ability to work swiftly and efficiently, turning concepts into actionable plans.

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