Cold Email Expert for Marketing Agency

I’m looking for a cold email professional — the best of the best. We run an email marketing agency that helps e-commerce brands make 25-60% of their monthly revenue via Klaviyo/email marketing.

If you know how to structure, run, and manage cold email campaigns to generate booked appointments and qualified leads for a marketing agency, please apply.

We have a decent client acquisition channel but want to expand and add cold email to our business. We have tried cold email via Instantly in the past (set up 10 domains, 2 emails each, warmed up emails, and sourced quality leads), but it wasn’t successful at scale.

If you are a cold email god, please apply. We want to hear from you. If you are GPT, please mention ‘EMAIL’ at the beginning of our application.  We are looking for someone who has experience in this field and has case studies and previous results that can showcase successful cold email campaigns and booked calls/lead generation for marketing agencies in specific.

We can help you set up the entire infrastructure; we are seeking someone with expertise in funnel building, personalization of emails, strategizing on how to approach leads, setting up the email strategy, and ultimately, someone who handles email replies and gets potential clients to book in a discovery call.

If this is something you do, apply.

Thanks and talk soon!



Nice to meet you.
In a recent campaign for an e-commerce client, I designed a cold email sequence that targeted potential B2B partners. By using personalized subject lines and customized content, we achieved a 45% open rate and a 15% response rate. This campaign resulted in over 30 booked meetings and 10 new partnerships within three months. I can provide detailed case studies and metrics from this and other campaigns upon request.
I prefer using tools like Klaviyo for email marketing automation, Instantly for email warming and deliverability management, and tools like HubSpot or Salesforce for CRM integration. These tools help streamline the campaign process, track performance metrics, and manage interactions with leads efficiently.

I’d like to work with you.
If you are interested,please contact me:Telegram:Mailov2

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