C++ Programmer for Aviation Simulation Platforms

Our firm is a developer of high fidelity, high detail military aircraft models for sale to customers of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (2024), for add’l game environments like DCS (Digital Combat Simulations), and for potential future commercial and military applications. We are presently focused on 4th and 5th generation fighter and bomber aircraft (F-22, B-2, F-16, F-15, etc…). We develop custom game assets of these aircraft for use in MSFS with simulated, highly detailed avionics and aircraft OS user interfaces. We have one successful product on the market, with another close to completion. Our objective is to accelerate a development pipeline with at least three new products per year for the next three to five years.

We are looking to contract one or more programmers to fully develop aircraft avionics systems including a simulated aircraft operating system and a flight management system, as well as developing logic to handle complex animations that can’t be done natively within the simulators’ environments.  Assets from previous products will be provided to improve learning time and workflow efficiency.

We are looking for programmers with an advanced/expert knowledge of C/C++ and who are proficient in front-end web stack development.  You will be required to utilize provided 2D reference photographs, diagrams, military documents, and other source reference materials, as well as interface with subject matter experts (military pilots and aviation experts) to build complex systems and user interfaces. We work closely with our programmers to provide reference materials, guidance, and review and feedback; we desire a collaborative working relationship to ensure that projects are completed timely and with the degree of accuracy needed to meet customer demands. The avionics suite is an important component of the whole product package we develop, which includes actively monitoring hundreds of data points generated within the aircraft simulation, while developing systems that utilize those data points to display information to the end-user and for the control of the flight characteristics of the aircraft.  Our team has sufficient experience to provide key guidance on the aspects of project workflow and techniques unique to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We will provide necessary project specific materials needed, such as project code repository, version control, and document sharing, reference materials and resources, and sample projects and our know-how.

The first project for consideration will be the first milestone for development of simulated avionics for the T-7A Redhawk advanced supersonic trainer aircraft. Ultimately, large touchscreen interfaces will need to be developed to interface the flight management system and display aircraft telemetry, position, and navigation information.

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