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We’re looking for a full-time resource that can help us find business emails of company CEOs, funders, and other key people for outreach for our marketing agency.

The tasks will be:

– Find emails of key people inside companies on Google or LinkedIn
– Find potential leads on Google, Instagram, and other resources following our standard operating procedures and requirements
– Insert all data inside a Google Sheet
– Provide strategic insights and suggestions based on existing experience
– List 1000 emails a month following our requirements


– Have a good/fluent English level
– Have previous experience with lead generation/appointment setting / email outreach
– A plus will be a past experience with another marketing agency

I’m additionally looking for a work ethic. If you want to work more than 40+ hours a week, this is available. I am looking for high-performance individuals who seek growth. Those with experience already and that want to be a part of something bigger.

Please send me a personalized message on why I should select you for this opportunity. Be creative and utilize your imagination.


Sephora Rakshe

Hey Alina! I have the right experience and skill set of over 5 years in this position. Hoping to connect with you.

My email is [email protected]



Hi Good day!,

I hope you’re doing well! I’m interested in the role you posted. Business Email Finder | Lead Generation eCommerce B2B, Based on my experience, I believe I could be a good fit.

Are you open to a quick chat to discuss the position? I’d love to learn more about it and share more about my own qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindly see attached file below.

Best regards,

Rudgen Gocila

Pinaky Shankar

My name is Pinaky, and I’m thrilled to be applying for the position of a virtual Data entry operator. I’ve a prior experience on data entry, cleaning, and processing in google sheets. I am skilled in the art and diplomacy of connecting to clients in a pleasant and respectful manner having worked as a sales representative, telemarketing, and legal assistant. I speak English quite well as well. I can manage your G Suite and Google Calendar, handle your emails, insert data into Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and schedule meetings with internal and external clients via email. I can also handle your emails. I’m also proficient in lead generation and organization, performing online research, and speaking excellent English.
This experience equipped me with the professionalism, solid judgment, and strong organizational and communication abilities necessary for the position. I would be honored to have the chance to talk more about the goals of your team and to show how my abilities in problem-solving, organizing, and communicating can benefit your business.

You can contact with me via email: [email protected]

what’s app: +8801646322147


Hi Alina!

Michael had just started out with his graphics design/branding agency(typical B2B) and really knew his onions. However, he had issues getting his first quality client and that’s where I stepped in

Here’s the fail-proof formula I employed to get him his first #2000 potential clients, and I’ll replicate this with your company

• Get on a call with you to learn about your services and discover your unique value proposition

• Understand and profile your ideal client

• Identify where to find them! (Linkedin and Google are only but Some of the places to find them)

• Generate high quality leads for your company capturing their email addresses, phone numbers, websites etc

• Import them unto a spreadsheet (I used a CRM software for Michael)

• Book appointments for your sales team using my magic opening line!

I possess solid work ethics and willing to work above 40hrs a week.

My trademark is going above and beyond to produce outstanding results.

I’m not satisfied untill you are oversatisfied!

I’m available to start immediately and I’m excited about this project already, so let’s get started!

Hey Alina,

I am highly interested in your job posting. I am a freelancer from the Philippines who has 4 years experience. I work as appointment setter for 1 year in a medical company in which my work includes data mining for leads and creating marketing email for the service of the company. I think, I would be a great fit for the job as per my experience. I am enthusiastic in what I do and always take initiative for the betterment of the company. I am hoping to be part of your team. Thanks a lot.

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