British Male Voice Over Actor

This role is for the production of 35x Episodes & 35x Shorts hereafter referred to as E+S.

Length: Episode scripts will roughly range from 8min-12min delivered in a punchy and quick style. Shorts will be 60 seconds or less in a quick “Did You Know” style.

Your Own Style: Please feel free to moderately adjust dialogue or add jokes to make the script fit your cadence and style. It should be enjoyable to you! Humour is pertinent to the series (if applicable in the subject matter of the episode) and largely takes place in the VO. Please keep in mind that the show is meant to be for all ages – so no blatantly adult humour or language. Any questions or comments you ever have please pass them on to us! Our goal is simply to make the best show we can, meaning everyone in the production is a valuable collaborator.

Notes: Delivery timing will be noted in the script to help keep even pacing. Upon submission of each E+S, up to two rounds of notes and/or re-recording may be requested if necessary. Our primary focus is consistency in show style.

Delivery: 5x E+S Per Week for 7 Weeks. You’re welcome to record more than this ahead of time if scripts are available. You are the first stop in the production pipeline after the writers so it is important for VO to be recorded as soon as possible in order for the editing process to begin.

Pay: Pay will be submitted EoD every Friday. Pay is predicated on the necessary 5x E+S, or greater, recorded. For example, if 10 E+S are recorded in a week (considering those scripts are available to be recorded) then that Friday’s pay would reflect 2x weeks.

Pay Rate is 18USD per episode + short, totalling 630USD for 35x E+S. If the show cashflows as we expect it to, we’d like to invite you back for Season 2 with increased pay.

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