Blockchain / Solidity DeFi Developer

We are an international fintech company with more than 1000 professionals. As a cryptocurrency exchange, the company aims to offer an intuitive user interface with a set of analytical tools for more than 3 million users. We work with cryptocurrency projects worldwide with one
main goal: the mass introduction of blockchain technology.

List of requirements:
*Languages: Python, Solidity, Cadence, Rust, C++ Blockchain
*Full-Stack Web Development and Consulting (Frontend and Backend)
*API and Microservices development
*Blockchain Development and Consulting (Decentralized Applications)
*Chaincode and Smart contracts (Consulting and Development, Testing and deployment)
*Web security (system security and information security )
*Software Architecture and tech stack consulting
*Web Development Stack
*HTML, CSS (bootstrap )
*Node JS | Express JS
*Web3 Js
*Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB)
*Deployment (shared, VPS, and AWS) and Blockchain Development Stack
*Decentralized application development
*Smart contracts development (Tokens, Upgrade)
*Architecture and technological stack planning

* Defi Architecture design and development;
* Smart-contracts development;
* Token contracts audit;
* Developing microservice architecture;
* Evaluate different blockchain protocols and platforms to explore solution alternatives.

We offer:
*Annual paid vacations (21 calendar days).
* Sick leave compensation.
*Professional development and career growth.
*Warm and friendly working environment.

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