Amazon FBA Wholesale Research for Starter/Test Product


I am an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to test my first FBA product. I am looking for an initial investment of $100-200 for ideally 10-25 units to test a products efficacy before committing to a larger investment. I have been interested in the niche of ‘eco water bottles’/’coffee cups/ as part of a commitment to a long term sustainable ethos, however, I am open to evaluating this idea according to your evaluation. My ideal product would have the following qualities:

– Clear unique selling point
– Strong marketing/stock photos with clear points outlining benefits of product
– Relatively fast/economical shipping to UK (less than one month, shipping costs to my location vary widely, those which can fit within the budget should be prioritized)
– Easy to handle/ not too heavy/electronic/no exceptional legal considerations
– Strong ROI potential according to your research.

I realize no product can be perfect, it should simply meet as many of these criteria as possible. I would like a one page report on why you think a specific product niche is worth considering, both in terms of data as well as subjective considerations. At least 3 recommended specific suppliers off of Alibaba would be ideal.

Please let me know how many hours it would take for you to complete this project and any additional input/value you may provide.



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