Amazon Channel Manager

Our USA based Company manages all operations for three e-commerce Companies, all of which also have an amazon presence. In total between the several registered brands, there will be approximately 500 ASIN’s. Current sales are a combined USD mid six figures. With proper management, we believe first year sales should increase 3-5X.

We are looking for a contract ‘Amazon Channel Manager’ who can be fully responsible for the overall amazon channel. This individual (Amazon Channel Manager) would be in charge of assembling the ‘team’ necessary to accomplish all responsibilities. The Amazon Channel Manager would manage the team on-going and report to our Company Management. The Amazon Channel Manager would be responsible for payment to any sub-contractors they would need to accomplish their responsibilities. Please bid based on the total number of Monthly hours that would be required x the average hourly rate for the management and any subcontractors (if necessary).

The Amazon Channel Manager role will be a results-oriented individual, with an eCommerce mindset and full comprehension of the eCommerce business model and value proposition. This role acts as the central point of direction with supporting/collaborating USA staff including Operations, Fulfillment, Graphics and Accounting.

Pivotal activities will include oversight of all actions focused on delivering a winning solution on Amazon. This includes management of content, images, Brand Stores, videos, A+ pages, price positioning, advertising, and product review management along with follow-up activities to ensure a leadership position with the account management.


• Perform and lead product initializations (market copy, images, infographs, reviews, pricing, and pipeline etc.) as well as updating existing products.
• Manage PPC & organic traffic; budgets and ad content, insuring ROAS goals are met while maintaining top listings.
• Focus on financial performance (sales, profit, and margin)
• Focus on operational performance in the form of SLOBEX (Slow moving, obsolete and excess) inventory elimination
• Maintain constant and ongoing maintenance for all assigned brands
• Coordinate efforts among various teams at our Company to create processes, accountability and reporting capabilities from content, images (and everything that goes along with taking images), A+ digital content, review generation, PPC adverts, winning the buy box (Amazon) and pricing
• Develop relationships among Company and contractor “teams” to help ensure completion of projects
• Work with Purchasing person to ensure competitive pricing on Amazon while keeping high gross margins on sales; Monitor Repricer platform and adjust MINs/MAXs and adjustment strategies – collaborating with Fulfillment Manager.
• Monitor competitive/similar products on Amazon to insure we are out-selling competitors
• Help facilitate improved market copy and images – collaborating with Grahics
• Provide detailed and continuous reporting of growth, ROI and overall success of the brands on Amazon
• Seller account management including opening, following through and successfully closing accounts – collaboration with USA staff retail operations manager.



Driven Virtual Assistant, specializing in blog & website content writing, copywriting, and social media maintenance. Many years of excellent customer service, utilizing exceptional skills in leadership, collaboration, multitasking, and creative problem-solving.

• Manage calendar agendas and scheduled appointments, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation
• Organize and maintain invoices & expense reporting, e-mails, social media maintenance, and other digital records
• Generate new leads via phone and e-mail using CRM software

Work well in individualized tasks, as well as within group settings.

Any questions, please contact me!


Hello Dave,

How are you doing!!!
I am interested to do this work. Let me know more details.


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