Amazon Ads: Bulk Upload Sheet & Excel Genius

I’m looking for an Amazon Ads genius that can help troubleshoot and identify the problems when we’re creating a bulk upload sheet. We’ve tried different approaches but still keep getting errors and need help with fixing this once and for all!

We launch a large number of ads each week and the second part of this job would be to find someone that could create a custom Excel spreadsheet that could help to auto-populate the bulk upload file.

So the 2 parts of this job are:

1. Help to troubleshoot and fix the Ads bulk upload sheet.

2. Create an Excel sheet that will help to auto populate the bulk upload sheet (speed up the process of campaign and ad creation for the bulk upload sheet).

You will be in contact with myself (the owner) and our own Amazon ads team member.

The job is urgent and we’re looking to hire and begin work together within the next 7 days of posting this job.

There may be an opportunity down the line to work together and support or consult with our existing Ads team member.

Please note, that the fee is negotiable for the right candidate – we’re looking for someone that is extremely experienced in Amazon ads bulk upload sheets and Excel spreadsheets.

Thanks for your time.

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