Amazing Google Ads Expert for Ecommerce

As a fast-paced Ecommerce Store, we are in need of someone who can grow with us every step of the way.

Our vision is to level up drop shipping while at the same time building worldwide brands. We believe dropshipping is just a way of shipping products. We have decided we will change the bad reputation dropshipping has by becoming the best operators in the industry. We would love to use a dropshipping business model as fuel to build worldwide brands. We are just starting to grow the team and looking for motivated individuals who can grow with us.

Your Role will include:
– Managing Google ads (launching and optimizing campaigns)
– Cooperating with Graphic Designers and translators
– Testing new ways of advertising – Youtube ads etc.
– Helping us with everything that can improve store performance from ads to website

– Be a fast learner
– Experience and results with google ads
– Analytical thinking
– Thinking out of a box

We are looking for someone who is 110% into our project and can bring his ideas and suggestions.

I am looking for someone who can start with an hourly/fixed rate and after a 6-week trial additional bonus based on Google Ads performance.

You should treat this seriously, do not apply if you are planning to get your next client for just 1-2 hrs a day. Looking for someone

Agencies: DO NOT APPLY – looking just for 1 skilled individual who can join our awesome team.

If you are looking for a long-term job and you are able to put extra effort into our project we have something special for you.

Let’s grow together!

We will be waiting for your application. See you soon!

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